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  1. All discussions relating to Mobile Foobar2000
  2. What happens if the Kickstarter campaign fails?
  3. Better promoting on the project site
  4. Hello World (Also Best of Luck)!
  5. Proposed budget breakdown
  6. Development progress report
  7. Hello everyone.
  8. HowTo Upgrade a Pledge/Donation?
  9. Design intention of foobar2000 mobile
  10. Development blog
  11. Phone Design Functionality Proposal 1
  12. Cross-platform development
  13. Forum date format
  14. Earbud backer rewards & Multiple platform testing
  15. IOS Alpha testing
  16. Browse Arrangement proposal
  17. Mac Os X support
  18. The contact form not working?
  19. Universal app on Windows devices?
  20. Is a download available for a windows phone
  21. Extra space
  22. Android Foobar 2000
  23. Make a facebook page for foobar and fundraiser
  24. Change from Android to iOS tester
  25. how are files transferred to the phone?
  26. Windows Phone questions (gapless, etc.)
  27. Android
  28. Hi there !
  29. USB Out Streaming Support
  30. What problem does foobar2000 mobile solve?
  31. Lack of good apps and difficulties in windows phone ecosystem (link)
  32. Android version feedback
  33. Change fonts in playlist for Foobar 2000 v1.3.7
  34. Screenshots
  35. Your name as a supporter on foobar2000.com mobile web page
  36. Free vs Paid Feature Comparison?
  37. Why is Reddit so negative towards this?
  38. GUIDE: Transfer music to foobar2000 mobile over wi-fi with UPnP
  39. WP8.1 version feedback
  40. What were original pledge/donation options?
  41. iOS 9 compatible version coming soon?
  42. When will be an available iOS version in Apple App Store ?
  43. Skin Designer is available
  44. Windows Phone & Universal: output modes
  45. 404 error on new iOS alpha 43
  46. When can we get a beta to test fb2k?
  47. [iOS] 1.0.1 - Sound "crashes" intermittently when other application plays sound
  48. Remind me of the backer levels
  49. Ogg Vorbis and album art
  50. W10M version feedback
  51. Sort album tracks by disc
  52. Marketing ideas?
  53. Can not index music files on Windows 10 Mobile
  54. Download Cover-folder via UPNP for IOS
  55. How to put files into Documents
  56. HighRes via external DAC?
  57. Android public version: How do you play a folder (containing folders)?
  58. iOS Resampler question
  59. Some ideas...
  60. Will the phone design functionality change to match modern design?
  61. Some problems in using upnp feature on my iphone
  62. Browse by style
  63. Yay! Gapless over DLNA
  64. May be a bug,wish if anyone would report to the DEV
  65. UPnP Downloads & Duplicates
  66. Likes / don't like category?
  67. Any solution to play various artists album ?
  68. Navigation question
  69. Disable album grouping and see directly the track list.
  70. Re naming documents in iOS app
  71. uPNP streaming for iOS
  72. Joining beta program on google play
  73. play each folder successively
  74. Receipt / Proof of Purchase for RHA Earbuds?
  75. Easy set upshowing album covers
  76. Foobar vs default music player: differences?
  77. Can't see full contents of a folder on UPnP server
  78. Auto-delete played files from playlist
  79. iOS: Playback Contorols Screen albumart
  80. Issue with .mka playback
  81. Foobar2000 mobile and Raspberry Pi 3 on Windows 10 IoT?
  82. [Request] Add upnp authentification on iphone/ipad app
  83. High-definition audio output non-operational ?
  84. Scrobbling status on Android?
  85. Display: Album List + Properties + ALBUM ART
  86. Cannot install from play store on china tablet
  87. To Be Fixed: Album index
  88. Windows 10 Mobile Help
  89. When will paid version be availble for iOS?
  90. foobar200 music folder?
  91. install component
  92. How can I play all tracks of some genre from the Genre page?
  93. Option to group albums with multiple artists?
  94. Switched to Android and started using foobar again: some feedback
  95. BugHead Emperor player looks like the future but will never have the features.....
  96. resolute ?
  97. Audio Won't Play
  98. Switching from iTunes to foobar: how to export playlists en masse?
  99. Need Help with the Lock Screen...Thanks
  100. how to show FB2k notifications on Android lockscreen?
  101. Opus
  102. iOS 10 first run experience glitches
  103. How to get to the now playing screen?
  104. How to access Replaygain scanner?
  105. Playing or importing m3u-playlists created on the PC
  106. Not for iOS 6 anymore?
  107. The now-playing screen swipe gesture
  108. Best solution for daily mobile syncing?
  109. Playlist on Android
  110. Opus Header Gain Search Query
  111. Unicode support for the search
  112. Foo convolver for foobar mobile possible?
  113. Meridian explorer2
  114. SMB Network.
  115. Lockscreen art - how to disable it
  116. Foobar Music Files Location iphone ifile.
  117. Envious friends asking: Will foobar mobile make GA release in 2016?
  118. Dealing with playlists (Android)
  119. Album Art not showing up on mobile version
  120. Style Tags Not Recognized
  121. Buttons out of shapes when stretching the window
  122. Albumartist: Albums with empty vale are incorrectly grouped together
  123. Foobar and Bubble and Naim apps
  124. Foobar2000 on iOS 10 with equalizer
  125. how to adjust the sound balance&*65311;
  126. flac sacd 24 bit?
  127. Replaygain Reference Loudness
  128. foobar2000 music folder - delete sub-folders within
  129. Help...Google Drive access without Upnp (iOS/Mac)
  130. Tagging & ordering
  131. Creating a playlist for a given folder (recursively)
  132. Volume of one particular mp3 file plays low in fb2k but normal in other players
  133. How do i download more dsp plugins?
  134. Static noise on UPnP Servers
  135. "Contributing Artist" Art Documentation?
  136. android foobar2000 - is there a way to delete tracks I don't like and skip to next?
  137. What is the difference for paying and non-paying users?
  138. Ratings?
  139. Dts and wav plugin for mobile version
  140. Cd rip instructiions
  141. How to enable FTP Server Write Access on Android 5.0+
  142. How can I read a playlist file
  143. I want to propose Foobar2000 design for Metro Apps / WIndows 10.
  144. Is there any chance of foobar mobile getting auto-playlists?
  145. Excuse me
  146. Component compatability between desktop and mobile?
  147. Various Artists?
  148. [QUESTION] How to change subtune in NSF (Nintendo Sound Format) and the like?
  149. Settings with TEAC UD 501
  150. fb2k mobile + Windows Phone 8.1 + BT & FM transmitter = my music collection in car?
  151. Can't Access NAS server via HTTP
  152. foobar2000 iOS m4a file
  153. Can't add sdcard to music folders
  154. Multitag Handling
  155. USB OTG support
  156. Adjust tempo without changing pitch
  157. Hope to support Chinese or multiple languages
  158. External Sd auto detection and other questions
  159. Foobar2k 1.2.39 for WP8.1 skin failed loading
  160. Can FB mobile play Wavpack files?
  161. Foobar not shuffling correctly
  162. How do I specify WASAPI Default as the output device ?
  163. How to apply replaygain, volume normalization and encode low quality mp3 to opus
  164. Android: now playing info outside FB
  165. How to remove folders from Media Library
  166. Is Android FB auto updating?
  167. How to set default Playlist Save Type/Location?
  168. View total playlist length?
  169. Do not show album art on lock screen
  170. Process stays in memory
  171. Non-audio files not showing in foobar2000 music folder
  172. [Android] Where are playlist files stored?
  173. 1.0.92 version code 267 changelog
  174. How Do I Play A Folder ...
  175. seekbar does not show progress time when..
  176. Does Foobar2000 Mobile take advantage of higher end DACs?
  177. Multiple sets of same album are merged
  178. Album with artists as numbers sorting
  179. Geely GBO
  180. No comand response to skip track on headphones
  181. UPnP Media Library multiple artists
  182. Controls on lock screen have disappeared
  183. BPM display while playing song
  184. Is FBM fully working with iOS 11.0.3?
  185. Sleep timer?
  186. Keithlycle Keithlycle
  187. Dead development?
  188. AAC-ELD codec for Foobar2000 converter?
  189. how to use .cue to split ape file track in ios fb2k
  190. Marshall phone equalizer
  191. Equalizer dB values?
  192. Are there any settings for chaning Volume Steps?
  193. Which Android is needed for FB 1.1.5?
  194. Possible volume issue on Android
  195. Kudos to the developer!
  196. Can Foobar2000 display a volume slider on iPad?
  197. Replay Gain standards
  198. Is it possible to sync Foobar with Amazon Firestick?
  199. Is access to cloud services (Google Drive, OneDrive, etc.) on the roadmap?
  200. Tough to provide timely support if post[s] held for moderator approval
  201. Android Nexus 7 where copy fpl file to?
  202. Changing the Default Icon of the Program
  203. Foobar 2000 audio output
  204. Please FTP help!!!
  205. Cuesheet & other formats support
  206. RE: Foobar On Amazon Fire HD Tablet (help?)
  207. opus goof choise for low cpu comsuming? what audio format is the lightest to decode ?
  208. tunefusion
  209. Folders On Playlist
  210. How can one play music from Foobar2000 Mobile to a UPNP renderer?
  211. Masstagger - file move, copy, rename function
  212. Searching the library without changing the playlist?..
  213. Donation
  214. I'm new here ....
  215. Is it possible to Queue tracks with iOS Foobar?
  216. "iPod" - Really????
  217. Possible to invert polarity with Foobar Mobile?
  218. Tagging for Dummies
  219. A 'going back' button would be nice
  220. Questions - foobar android version
  221. Folders and Playlists
  222. Handling Quiet Tracks
  223. is foobar mobile bit perfect with fiio x7?
  224. can not find eq tools in Android version 1.0.94
  225. Most Effcient way of Recording Surround audio (7.1) on Foobar?
  226. Audio conversion in mobile version: possible?
  227. DSP Menu - Limiter differences
  228. Is it possible using Playback Statistics store information in metadata?
  229. Is there a forum for desktop version?
  230. Sorting Artists with Japanese Characters
  231. Where did Equalizer go ?
  232. Lock-screen playback controls on iOS v1.1.27 missing next/previous buttons
  233. High-Definition audio Output menu button does not function, still ?!?!
  234. Guide: Transferring music to foobar2000 mobile, 2019 edition
  235. Track browsing !
  236. how to repeat one song in an album?
  237. .ac3
  238. How long is it usually for library indexing
  239. Foobar2000 app & smartphone notifications
  240. Parsing albums with the same name but different dates?
  241. All songs by genre?
  242. missed ftp downloaded music
  243. Multiple values genre
  244. listening music through media server
  245. Sorting in playlist mobile
  246. Adding *.mp3 songs to playlist FROM Playlist view not possible?
  247. Export and (auto-)import of playlists in *.m3u format possible?
  248. Auto-jump to "Playlists" list view at startup possible?
  249. Using Foobar2000 Mobile to play mp3 from NAS
  250. Smart watch controls