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  1. File operations (at least just "Delete from storage")
  2. Sorting options
  3. tube sound
  4. Utilities menu. Where is RG scan? Who needs decoding speed tests?
  5. modify the sqlite database on ios
  6. Search in current playlist
  7. Additional Media Server feature support
  8. Automatically add transferred playlists to 'Playlists'
  9. Custom tags and/or field remapping
  10. Feature request: Restrict playback to external output
  11. Jump To "Now Playing" in Playlist/Queue
  12. Request: change interaction between browsers lists, playlists and playback
  13. "All Tracks" as they appear in albums/folders, not alphabetically.
  14. Customize main screen items
  15. iTunes playlist
  16. Is it possible to support txt and image?
  17. Request Equaliser gain inversion
  18. Foobar Mobile VST?
  19. Like to have proper radio station crossfades for foobar mobile android edition.
  20. Allow scrobble function
  21. Phase invert function
  22. FTP over mobile internet
  23. Random + Skip recently played
  24. reworked library - not treating filenames (for those without tags) as title
  25. deleting from album or artist view
  26. Grouping presets menù item
  27. Recently-Added Albums
  28. Copy current track infos to clipboard (artist, album, title)
  29. True HD audio 192/24, 192/32 support like in poweramp
  30. UPNP control point
  31. Option that screen turns on when new song starts
  32. Automatic Title/Album/Artist Horizontal Scroll Option
  33. Make font for options in the Browse page resizable
  34. Hi-res output on iOS and Android
  35. File rename
  36. Playing music over a Upnp Media Renderer from Foobar2000 mobile
  37. iOS "Open With" / "Export" Feature Request
  38. "Add to EXISTING playlist" context menu
  39. Adding "keyboard shortcut" to mobile version
  40. Add "Mono Left" and "Mono Right" options to android version
  41. Add auto equalizer by musical genre labelling
  42. Pls add more option for Edit tab.
  43. song seeking from iOS lockscreen
  44. New shuffle playback feature/enhancement
  45. [3 Feautres Request] - CUE support, - SMB support, - Audio render output selection
  46. Upload status on mobile screen
  47. EQ presets
  48. About Wishlist Forum
  49. All I ever wanted in Foobar2000 Mobile
  50. Grouping convert presets
  51. Rewind / Fast Forward via holding the previous/next icons?
  52. Option to choose how foobar2000-mobile identifies itself as a DLNA client
  53. Option to stop playing then unplugging headphones
  54. [iOS/Android] Lockscreen Seekbar
  55. Ability to use Search/Filter within Music Folder/Subfolders
  56. Auto switch to Now Playing screen after x seconds of no input on menu/folder list
  57. Unable to read CUE sheets.
  58. Storing playlists in an easily accessible location
  59. “Now Playing” improvements
  60. Caching network files
  61. Wire HeadSet with 3 buttons
  62. Random Playback Mode
  63. Browsing by Genre/Album
  64. Customizable frequencies for Equalizer
  65. Sort multidisc album tracks by DISCNUMBER tag
  66. Playback control from the headset (double/triple click commands)
  67. Reading lyrics in metatags for multiple audio formats
  68. DSP Chain Presets