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  1. Have a great idea?
  2. Customizability
  3. Smart fading! Keeping Foobar Mobile on the top before it's even rleased!
  4. Looking for synergy between Foobar2000 and Geek Wave
  5. Synchronization between mobile and PC databases/tag fields
  6. Sailfish OS version
  7. Linux and OS X Version
  8. What features from the desktop version would you like to see make the transition?
  9. UPnP/DLNA support for network drives
  10. Support for as many formats as possible
  11. Remote Control on Android Devices
  12. Support external DACs on Android
  13. Music Access from Microsoft OneDrive / Windows Phone 8.1
  14. Clouds
  15. Matching Changes to Desktop?
  16. Adjustable Album List
  17. User configurable album sort list
  18. Wishlist Item: Control of Foobar on PC's
  19. Wishlist Items: ReplayGain, Crossfade, Crossfeed, Plugins, Play Count, Rating, Sync
  20. libre.fm scrobbler
  21. Chromecast support
  22. Parametric EQ
  23. MKA and chapters
  24. WP8.1 FullHD
  25. Wireless transfer of files from pc to (windows) phone
  26. library directories
  27. Podcasts !?!
  28. Bookmarks for long tracks and audiobooks
  29. Will there be an sdk for foobar2000 mobile? To write or port our own codecs/plugins?
  30. Wavpack Sync
  31. Respect the user's own file system folder structure (if he wants to)
  32. SMB support for streaming off NAS
  33. Traditional interface hope
  34. Embedded Album Art All Formats
  35. Please make social and cloud features optional
  36. id3 "comment" tag display on top of playing track
  37. shuffle without repetition
  38. Lyrics and slideshow of artist pics on TV
  39. implementation of "Fraunhofer Cingo" for surround sound?
  40. Spectrum analyzer, queue and ID3 tag editor
  41. Item info sharing to social media
  42. Apple Air Play functionality
  43. Digital audio output
  44. Font sizes, Album cover from folder file, Folder view
  45. Support for iTunes "Album is a compilation of songs by various artists" checkbox
  46. Last.fm scrobbling
  47. Drag & Drop playlist management
  48. Flac cue support
  49. SMB3 support for streaming.
  50. More metadata values and functions in user skins
  51. Autoplay on headphone plug in
  52. Chapterized M4A file chapter listings
  53. Import file from another app
  54. Display chapterized M4A file with appropriate track/chapter titles
  55. Countdown stopping playback and default shuffle play
  56. Additional DSP and (or) PC version DSP ports
  57. UPnP Download: Transcode to lossy
  58. Translation support
  59. Improvements for Adlib S3M files
  60. Playing songs by folder
  61. Sort Albums by Artist/Year
  62. High resolution lockscreen art
  63. Option to keep screen on when plugged in
  64. My wishlist
  65. Make enu button become alive
  66. Button to return to playlist
  67. Automatic Playlists
  68. Equalizer with profiles
  69. HQ Audio files playback
  70. Playlists and Sync.
  71. Using rating abilities
  72. Play from zip
  73. Seamless playback integration with desktop ("spotify-like")
  74. Auto-download cover artworks
  75. Foobar2000 for Mac
  76. alphabetic searching script
  77. Label
  78. UPnP sort tracks by number
  79. Playing albums or folders with a single action
  80. W10Mobile - Advanced Search - Add More Fields (BPM, COMMENTS...)
  81. Auto resume after call & change tracks by volume button
  82. USB DAC support
  83. Make player screen look like desktop screen
  84. SACD ISO support.
  85. Playback Speed (for podcasts)
  86. w10 mobile,support components(likes decoding...)??!!
  87. More function on the lock-screen control
  88. Headset control by wire support
  89. uPnP over WAN
  90. Google Now on tap
  91. uPnp Controller feature
  92. Current sample rate of file playing and device
  93. Option to use "sort" tags
  94. Music Streaming From Dropbox
  95. Support for external storage
  96. Bluetooth ID3
  97. iOS 6.0 support
  98. WMA Support
  99. Recently Added
  100. Display Lyrics offline
  101. Add MIDI support + changing soundfont please (maybe using BASSMIDI)
  102. Sort track by folder/directory name
  103. Add Soundtouch DSP support
  104. Swipe from right to left to skip to next track
  105. Playlist features
  106. Android Wishes
  107. My wishlist
  108. Sticky button go back to "Now Playing".
  109. Cue file Support
  110. PLEASE give us an option to "NOT set album cover as a lockscreen picture."
  111. Search multi value tags
  112. skin maker
  113. A way to transfer my album art pictures to mobile. (Without copying one-by-one)
  114. "NOT set album cover as a lockscreen picture." option will be appreciated
  115. About opportunity to download foobar2000 APK for Android from official site
  116. New point in track menu (Android version): "Track properties"
  117. About downloading APK file of foobar2000 from official site
  118. Repeat single track
  119. Add WMA support in Android
  120. Play to one or multiple UPnP Renderers / Multi Room /synchonized /transcoded
  121. EQ and Widget - Android
  122. Headset controls & variable playback speed
  123. Components
  124. A lot of requests
  125. Read external storage files on android jelly bean
  126. Simple Sorting Request
  127. Sorting Files Under "Documents" Folder
  128. Burger menu in W10M
  129. Dither as DSP option.
  130. Really , Cue is a must have function
  131. Choose playlist after click "Add to playlist"
  132. Scrolling text
  133. iOS: automatic Album Art download from internet
  134. Enhancement: window with info about the track
  135. volume slider
  136. Download Option, Native OR Mp3 Please !!
  137. iOS: play count / last played
  138. Skin designer: mainmirrored, mainback, and mainBLURRED
  139. [SKIN designer] Total number of tracks and position in playlist
  140. Add support for headphone wire buttons
  141. please support chinese
  142. Please enable "bit perfect" playback of high resolution files (i.e. no resampling)
  143. Wishlist: control foobar 2000 android via android smartwatch
  144. Foobar iOS - Search at home screen
  145. i wish to adjust the playback speed.
  146. DSP SoundTouch port or auto-pitching
  147. add tak audio file support in android
  148. uPnP Media Server Search on App?
  149. linking tracks
  150. Genre selection
  151. iOS Share Sheet Support to open music tracks and zip/arc archives in fb2k
  152. Wishlist for iOS
  153. graphic EQ like foobar for windows please
  154. Album Queue
  155. (android) widget, graphic equaliser, desktop-like visualisations
  156. [iOS] Create playlist in a sane way
  157. [iOS] Another type of sorting, lift of author+ title
  158. "Current Playlist" instead of library selection
  159. Wish fot android version (and any other, i think)
  160. foobar2000 mobile - add support to remote control
  161. pls support TTA format in mobile app
  162. Add file type to default theme (library, play)
  163. Add lyrics
  164. Convert stereo to 4 channels
  165. Setting up next song
  166. Accessing a playing song screen
  167. Tempo Shift DSP component?
  168. Accessibility support for the player window
  169. &*22686;&*21152;&*25773;&*25918;&*21040;dlna&*3 577 4;&*22791;
  170. Query Syntax Auto-Playlists
  171. Use any image file in folder for thumbnail
  172. Search in the foobar2000 music folder
  173. Playlist.
  174. Streaming to foobar mobile from wireless external hard drives.
  175. Pressing & holding a genre should bring up the pop-up menu.
  176. Ability to select Skin folder instead of adding one by one
  177. Audio Focus advanced setting, (do not stop playback)
  178. Skin Designe For Linux
  179. Simple Heart Button for Quick-Favorites
  180. permanently accessible playback control bar
  181. cue sheet
  182. "Folders containing .nomedia files are now excluded from indexing"
  183. Implement "tickerText" so the phone can say out loud the track name
  184. Some form of Playback Queue
  185. Wish support Audiobus (Need Equalizer)
  186. Genre selection, play all and shuffle all options
  187. Play next album after current album
  188. Any chance there'll be a Foobar2000 for Android TV?
  189. "Random" playback order?
  190. Skip Track DSP
  191. add secret rabbit code resampler dsp to foobar mobile
  192. Support for query filtering (as in foobar for PC)
  193. [WM10] Add live tile support and playlist tile
  194. Changing colors for the quick play from the pull down menu
  195. Foobar2000 Android APP, internal plugin manager (install, update or remove) from with
  196. My wishlist, mostly related to chiptune support
  197. Adjustable "network timeout" for uPnP Browser?
  198. Media library viewers: Quicksearch; Library tree; Album list; Facets;
  199. Remove dead items
  200. Confirming replay gain use
  201. DSDIFF support
  202. Impulse response convlover
  203. Internal DAC support (LG V10, LG V20, LG G6, ...)
  204. "Recently Added" category in Browse
  205. Graphic EQ please
  206. Option to not show album art on lock screen when playing
  207. Customize the android notification of the app
  208. Total time played.
  209. Support Carplay please.
  210. Option to remove duplicates from a playlist
  211. Title format support?
  212. foobar Seek Support in iOS Control Center?
  213. Resume/start audio after a phone call, Siri or when a BT-connection is established
  214. tvOS support
  215. Proper Wasapi Event drivers for Chorf Mojo
  216. Random album order in grid view
  217. Can you add Timer-sleep
  218. Album art functions
  219. "Shuffle All Albums" album separation
  220. Milkdrop visualizer and remote control please
  221. Smarter Full file buffering please.
  222. Track album art
  223. Remove animation when selecting track to playback controls screen
  224. Audiobook controls and support
  225. Select/play this folder
  226. Customizable Media Library Categories/Tree
  227. Browse by a custom tag
  228. Option to either group Various Artists Albums or split in mini albums
  229. Smart playlist or dynamic playlist
  230. Hability to Edit tags and metadata
  231. Album grid view enhancements
  232. Files app integration on iOS for importing files
  233. vgmstream for Foobar Mobile, please!!
  234. Equalizer and skins
  235. MKA (MKV) and WebM support
  236. foobar mobile
  237. Declutter "Browse" / make it customizeable
  238. DSP Soundtouch for Android app
  239. test
  240. song order changed when playlist is transferred to phone
  241. playlist: song order issues
  242. Android Auto
  243. Lyrics and iPhone X Screen Fitting
  244. IOS Carplay support
  245. sometimes the now playing info won't show up on the lockscreen
  246. iOS control feature for deskktop f2k
  247. play through folders would be nice to have
  248. Win32 foobar2000 as an AppX on the Windows Store
  249. Total redesign of playlist creation
  250. Access to and editing of metadata