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  1. Android version not seeing archives?
  2. Progress in a track resets [Android]
  3. iOS Version 1.1.5
  4. Deliver Us from iTunes (First Post / Windows Loyalist)
  5. Lockscreen controls randomly missing
  6. Wrong artwork / title displayed
  7. No wireless access on iOS 11.0.3
  8. import media server files in library
  9. Android 8 no longer play when Bluetooth is connected
  10. Playlist covers not shown in Beta 1.1.9
  11. How to "double click in explorer = add to current playlist + auto play" ?
  12. Issues with FTP server and client features
  13. Volume bug in 1.1.10 beta
  14. Balance control left/right ? (Android apk)
  15. iTunes Playlists
  16. Where is the equalizer? I mean... it is the equalizer
  17. App won't connect to Media Server over WAN
  18. Is normal when a mp3s played th frequency is 48khz and the sme file in flac in 44100?
  19. Image caching problem - low scrolling performance
  20. Don't support some audio file
  21. Load Playlists recursively from specified root dir
  22. Playlist folder
  23. FTP Server doesn't work on iOS 11.3.1
  24. Because of the status bar, the playback interface can not maintain the correct ratio.
  25. Playback from the beginning
  26. Where to copy fpl file on Nexus 7
  27. ReplayGain does not work for .m4a files?
  28. [BUG?] FB2k Mobile, SNES SuperMario *ALL*Stars*spc file cause LOCKUP (GameEmuPlayer)
  29. FTP + Local network (Searching for devces) question
  30. The notice display is abnormal.
  31. Setting up an Ipad Air 2
  32. no cover art on large mp3 files (Android 7, Fb 1.1.13)
  33. no cover art issue iOs ver 1.1.16
  34. Problems with FTP server of Vodafone Station Revolution
  35. FTP Media Library Sub-Folder Scanning
  36. bluetooth connection
  37. Where are playlists stored on the Android version?
  38. (android) UMX-type file (IT-like module file format) causes instant crash
  39. Canít see DSF files
  40. Play Next Track
  41. [Android] Playback stops mid song
  42. Playlists show up empty after opening one and going back.
  43. mistaken tagged files
  44. UpNp streaming ogg files
  45. Set as default music app on android
  46. Instant crash at startup on version 1.1.18 (iOS)
  47. Play Location weirdness
  48. Bluetooth no longer send metadata update
  49. 30 Character Maximum Track Name on iOS
  50. Issue with grid view on mobile version
  51. [iOS] Playback stops mid song
  52. Scrobbling + Headphone Playback Bug
  53. Foobar Compressing My Music?
  54. Folders On Playlist
  55. [Android 6.0] Every song get resampled to 48khz
  56. Media Library on app won't show any files
  57. help with playlists search
  58. Bug: Songs randomly stopped playing
  59. Hydrogenaudio forums down?
  60. FTP server not working on iOS
  61. Bug with MP3s having more than 4 genres
  62. Android: Every Now and Then, Removal of Earphones Does Not Stop Music.
  63. Always on display Samsung feature bug
  64. missing option to view album or artist list
  65. M3u playlist import issue
  66. standard installation = no sound, portable installation = sound
  67. How do I make it forget old FTP links?
  68. 99% of audio missing from song on android version
  69. Ftp delete
  70. filename is changed
  71. New to foobar2000
  72. Chiptune playback issue
  73. Android - Band names wich start with ń or ÷ are sorted under O and *
  74. Incorrect album artist sorting for AAC files from iTunes, compliation flag
  75. FTP uploads from Total Commander to foobar2000 - the workaround
  76. Widget problem
  77. Problem with Local Network /Logitech Media Server
  78. Custom tree library media server
  79. APE files converted to aac or mp3 are generated without extension (only 2 out of 21)
  80. Notification color doesn't depend from foobar2000 theme
  81. Volume issues
  82. questions for iPad (2017)
  83. [Android 8.0.1] random crash after played for long total duration of time
  84. UPnP will only load 100 items in playlist
  85. How to stream music from my phone to my dlna amp using foobar mobile
  86. EXTM3U are not recognized in M3U8-Files
  87. iOS Playback stops a few seconds before the end of file
  88. The playlist of m3u8 gets garbled.
  89. The appearence changed since the last update of win 10
  90. Flac on mediaserver.
  91. Duplications
  92. Skins on Android
  93. Skins on Android
  94. ReplayGain info not recognized by foobar2000 Android
  95. APE/CUE problem in foobar2000 for Android
  96. UPnP/DLNA server: foobar mobile can not play FLAC files
  97. Foobar2000 Mobile: 100-item limit in Media Server listings
  98. foobar2000 stop playback (crash) bug and track info update bug
  99. iOS App Previous/next button changed to 15 sec backward/forward button
  100. recent changes to foobar2000 mobile
  101. A problem with playing 2SF on foobar2000 1.0.21 (Android 2.3.6)
  102. All tracks for genre
  103. Bluetooth track display broken (Android)
  104. ftp can't work for flac (or ape) + cue
  105. Can't play APE files in foobar2000 version 1.0.33 lite (iOS)
  106. need standalone apk for Android 4.2 jellybean phone
  107. 5.1 support?
  108. Notification control on Miui not working?
  109. umx file cause crash
  110. foobar2000 updated to v1.1.33 on Android 8
  111. Foobar closing when phone gets into sleep mode
  112. Gapless Questions / Playback from Folders
  113. Play counter
  114. Can't tell bitrate of flac playing in Foobar Mobile
  115. Not all Cover Art is shown
  116. [bug, Android] &*9837; character displayed in dark color when using the dark skin
  117. How can I put "stop after current" into skin.
  118. Foobar2000 mobile skin and media problem with ATOTO A6Y2721PRB
  119. Output via iPad to AV. System
  120. Incorrect Display on OnePlus 6T
  121. Loss of the position of the song when restarted...
  122. Equalizer
  123. Bug: fb2k doesn't honor DISCNUMBER / DISCTOTAL tag
  124. BUG: FTP Playback with [ or ] in fullpath result in -- Playback error: Object not...
  125. FTP file transfer doesn't when the music filename contain Japanese character
  126. Installing foobar2000 on cm 13 made Android unusable (boot loop)
  127. Auto-connect Bluetooth headset
  128. UPnP Server does not show up
  129. Disappearing Widget
  130. Metadata - Add Additional Line/Field
  131. foobar mobile stops reading
  132. "FTP: 229 Extended Passive Mode Entered"
  133. It works but not as I was thinking it works
  134. components
  135. Swype back in album
  136. no connection to NAS media server with Apple 8
  137. Tags are not read when playing from cloud storage.
  138. Foobar dont scan in 'All Musics'
  139. Weak Audio Signal
  140. Album Artist Name on iOS
  141. Foobar2000 Android repeately pausing playback after initial pause
  142. Android: Songs are not shown on the main screen
  143. How to connect from iPad to Marantz 7012
  144. Android s9+ Flac crackling
  145. Android DLNA playback pauses
  146. Audio interruptions with high CPU usage
  147. Android: FTP: 550 SSL/TLS required on the control channel Error ???
  148. Fb2k Android drops files on my SD card
  149. asio bitperfect
  150. Track Name don't show up in Windows Explorer after using masstagger
  151. Can't do searches - Android
  152. Wrong cover art shown for some embedded cover images
  153. Inverted cover art colours in the notification with dark theme
  154. Lock screen and fly-mod
  155. [bug iPhone] No time-out if track of local net can't be found: app won't start at all
  156. Connect Foobar to DAC
  157. How To Save All playlist m3u8 to one folder
  158. Is there a way to play DSD on the MOBILE version on Foobar?
  159. Issue with foobar mobile sorting tracks to incorrect album on iOS
  160. Maximized and non-maximized Playback Visualisation run at the same time
  161. Foobar2000 alpha sorting preferences - Can they be changed?
  162. Move playlist from iphone to computer
  163. How can I set Foobar to resume playback from the last position?