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  1. Before Posting
  2. [WP] Music stops when screen goes dark
  3. Android: User made skins not being found
  4. Remote Control Ipad
  5. VoiceOver and Foobar on IOS.
  6. [SKIN] Black-Grey
  7. Track sorting
  8. [Windows Mobile][Crash] Media Library Startup
  9. iOS - Unable to skip songs while attached to car audio system.
  10. Album cover art
  11. Music Skips Near the End
  12. Android tablet install
  13. use of MiniDLNA
  14. iOS: foobar crashes
  15. foobar2000 and Android adopted storage.
  16. Documentation: Tag names for search / grouping
  17. Lumia 925 - Adding files?
  18. Instant crash on Android phone
  19. Missing Add Skin Function
  20. Foobar under Win10 Continuum crashed at first start
  21. Foobar2000 Mobile W10M Equalizer
  22. How to set-up wi-fi/UPnP file transfer to mobile (I-phone)
  23. Path Error in M3U (and workaround)
  24. save location
  25. Android notification (lock screen) usability / readability
  26. iPad UPNP Network Timeout
  27. Stop after current feature missing after update
  28. Search function
  29. Shuffle over UPNP connection
  30. Multiple artists
  31. TAG fields "soloist" and "orchestra" dont' work?
  32. access denied problem
  33. replaygain, repeat problems
  34. Foobar2000 mobile for android playlists?
  35. Foobar2000 mobile "access denied" on playlist
  36. Shuffle all tracks - cover arts not dislayed
  37. Foobar android: Two questions
  38. Reorder DSP tools...not
  39. Using UPNP in a Wide area network.
  40. Windows - Not listing localhost UPNP servers
  41. foobar2000 windows universal edition cannot display art cover
  42. Library update takes a LONG time on iOS beta
  43. [Android] Covers not shown!? Please Help!
  44. Song title garbled
  45. front cover not updated in pulldown menu's widget
  46. Title search fails for non US-ASCII characters entered
  47. Library search does notupdate on USB using OTG cable on Android 4.4.
  48. foobar2000 mobile - ALAC fails to play over UPnP
  49. foobar doesn't recognize this symbol: /
  50. radio android stopping
  51. Tags prevent flac files to open
  52. The media library cannot scan files, in progress......
  53. Media Library dis-functionality and other observed bugs...
  54. Search bug
  55. [UWP] Two (minor) issues
  56. foobar2000 cannot play .mo3
  57. External Drive Not Available
  58. APE Errors
  59. Landscape playing layout
  60. Added music doesn't show up
  61. External Storage not recognized
  62. Moving from Winamp to Foobar - problems
  63. Seek in Vorbis files over DLNA
  64. Stream playback errors
  65. Album Error
  66. Folder/File punctuation, etc.
  67. Download File type option changes...?
  68. not indexing iOS 9.3.5
  69. [BUG] Foobar associates itself with every filetype
  70. foobar2000 - iOS 8 bugs and feedback
  71. Add to playlist not work
  72. [W10] Adding music library from an external USB portable hard disk
  73. Sort albums by date YYYY-MM-DD
  74. foobar2000 mobile doesn't play on Kindle HDX 8.9 (2013)
  75. Problem with high resolution covers
  76. [WP] App sometimes closes when clicking on an artist with many albums
  77. Can't update Foobar
  78. Newest update doesn't recognize OGG
  79. [iOS]Searching not working for Asian characters
  80. Mono AAC files unsupported format error?
  81. wrong cover art aspect ratio on now playing screen
  82. Special characters not read in file pathes from M3U files
  83. format not supported with extension aac
  84. UPnP Media Servers - Showed music library is not complete
  85. How can I have tracks in order?
  86. tracks not showing in Album Artist/Album view, but show in Documents
  87. Media added to a playlist from "storage" lack tags or seekbars
  88. Upnp stuck on old ip
  89. MinimServer crash
  90. Next track played, but display not updated (1.0.47)
  91. WMA files not recognized
  92. auto-continue playback after alarm or call
  93. built-in volume indicator covered by lock screen widget (not visible)
  94. how to play nsf multi songs?
  95. Foobar displaying wrong artists
  96. Genre selection
  97. M4B support?
  98. Problems with Moto G (2013)
  99. Android ignore file is NOT respected in Media scan
  100. The sound is stopped in sleep mode, on android 2.3.5.
  101. [Bug] UPNP playlist DNS issue
  102. Upnp server dling to external storage
  103. No rewind when playing playlist
  104. mp3 in iphone not shown in foobar even foobar scanned my music
  105. Foobar2000 ios version playback DSD music burst out noise
  106. Bug: Shuffle All Albums jumping to next album after X hours idle time
  107. Creating an Date Added column for Playlist - help please
  108. Adding a folder (with subfolders) to a playlist
  109. Issue Foobar > Wasapi > HDMI > Denon x1300w
  110. [Android] No TAGs, no cover shown
  111. Cannot control foobar200 from lock screen.
  112. Media Library shows folders (and files) from my old PC but nothing from the new one
  113. Don't show composer in playback screen on mobile version only when using upnp server.
  114. Default music player
  115. [Android] Issues with .minigsf and .2sf
  116. can you covert mobile to regular foobar w7
  117. Onkyo DP-X1 ESS Sabre dual dac support
  118. Converting 7 channel wav to 5.1 flac
  119. m4a (aac) files in UPnP server doesn't show up on foobar2000 mobile
  120. [Bug] Volume setting got reset every time you change the track
  121. index of currently playing song not updated when song deleted
  122. Can't connect to UPnP server from outside LAN
  123. Now Playing not responsive on Android
  124. [Little Bug] Music File without "N" tag
  125. A question about foobar2000 mobile for Windows 10 Mobile
  126. Track info and controls not properly displayed on bluetooth devices
  127. smartphone + external HDD problem
  128. Foobar2000 mobile for Windows 10 Mobile is bugged
  129. Setting madia library with SD card
  130. Native Opus file playback over UPnP?
  131. FooBar2000 TITLE Syntax Errors
  132. No Transfer of all Data/Tags during Conversion Process
  133. options foobar mobile
  134. Airplay on Iphone 6+ ?
  135. list of some bugs
  136. foobar2000mobile not finding upnp server
  137. Using wrong artworks for singles only?
  138. advanced property
  139. [Android] Continuous playback
  140. [Bug] Adding to Playlist from External Storage
  141. How do I sync the playlists on my Windows computer to iPhone foobar2000 APP?
  142. Disallow dropping files and folders into search results and other dynamic playlists
  143. Cannot access (see) Foobar2k from WAN.
  144. Couple of things regarding the F2k android app
  145. [Android] Music does not resume playback after audio focus loss
  146. [1.0.67 android] interference between volume slider / swipe view with latest version
  147. Music Files In External Storage Folder Disappeared
  148. Missing files in my media library
  149. [Android] Player controls too close in notification area
  150. [Android] can add folder, but can't play by folder
  151. How to Transfer Album Art to foobar2000 Mobile
  152. Couple of Android/FiiO issues (library, playback)
  153. Foobar2000 Mobile not showing all music files
  154. [Android] a couple issues with Bluetooth and wired earphones
  155. No ftp writing access: foobar ios to MacOS
  156. SD card issue since latest update [Android]
  157. Files without 'Album', not appearing in Genre
  158. Foobar Mobile and Window 10 phone
  159. Samsung Galaxy J1 Mini and Foobar
  160. Upgraded to 1.0.71 > FB2K totally broken.
  161. Umlaut (like ) in search
  162. Letters Y and G are not correctly displayed in the player-window
  163. 10.0.71 playback and constant crashing..
  164. Foobar2000 crashes after a few minutes with Runkeeper running
  165. "Playback Error: Unsuported or Corrupted File" with encrypted SD
  166. [1.0.78] Playlist creation and editing complexity|issues
  167. Multi-Disc album w/different cover art for each disc: load only 1 image
  168. Folder of Various Artists (Soundtracks, Scores, etc)
  169. [iOS]Always reshuffle playlist
  170. foobar hiding non-duplicate tracks
  171. The buttons on the notifications are too small and close together.
  172. Search for parts of the title
  173. Wrong song after search
  174. [Android] latest update no longer send playback time or total duration over bluetooth
  175. Spanish Character Songs Not Found
  176. Tags handling.
  177. [Android] Foobar2000 fight with phone calls
  178. how to preserve directory structure exactly same as source conversion
  179. [Android] Bluetooth control does nothing at the end of playlist
  180. Foobar2000 mobile is not working with VPN
  181. Any way to Shuffle Music Folders
  182. android: Mainback in skins is broken
  183. 1.2.39 for WP8.1 skin failed loading
  184. Artists & titles when playing internet radio
  185. AIFF Album Artwork not displaying
  186. [Android] playlist position lost after update
  187. [Android]OpenSL unable to play 192KHz 24-bit
  188. Lock screen problems in 1.0.83 lite on Android 4.1.2
  189. Trouble getting music to foobar folder
  190. [Android] battery drained quickly by foobar2000
  191. play google music local file, is that possible?
  192. &*12304;ios&*12305;lock screen problem
  193. bug report with browser view
  194. Download of Album Art from Media Server- $5 donation if you help me please.
  195. Disc number display problem
  196. High definition audio output?
  197. Return to track listing from "Now playing screen"
  198. Why cover art gets compressed on lock screen?
  199. Option to not show album art on lock screen when playing
  200. [Android] App force closing after update
  201. [Android 5.0] Adding FTP server to media library
  202. Media library scan terminates fb2k mobile on Android 4
  203. View metadata details for track playing
  204. Very high CPU consumption on Windows 10
  205. [Android] playlist position highlight and current song when playback is stopped
  206. [Android] external album art not displayed
  207. [Android] WMA audio file and Genre tag issue
  208. Embedded album art not showing when playing from playlist
  209. [Android] how do I use Play Location's Play to play folder
  210. [IOS 11 beta 15A5372a] Foobar2K is closed upon auto-lock-timer expiration.
  211. [WP10] Shoutcast radio playback
  212. [Android] Albums from same Artists are not grouped together
  213. [iOS] Meida cover can not be displayed correctly
  214. Multi-cd albums messed-up when download
  215. [Android 7.1.1/ Nokia 5] Steaming (.m3u) stops after some minutes
  216. [Bug] Shuffle All Tracks reshuffles without consent
  217. How to play a radio stream?
  218. Album art not showing on tablet
  219. What is the purpose of the "Rescan all now" button?
  220. Albums with same name not appear grouped
  221. Is there anyone out there who is able to get this program to work on a tablet?
  222. Trying to scan playlists.
  223. [Android] Media Server IP Problem
  224. [iOS 11.0.2] Foobar2000 cant play music in the background
  225. My Device doesn't show up
  226. [Android 7.0/iOS 9] "Playback error: Object not found" on FTP Media Server
  227. FTP server does not support other language?
  228. [Android 7.0 Samsung Galaxy S8+] 2 Issues With Foobar and Samsung Galaxy S8+
  229. Problems when trying to save Properties for WAV/RIFF file with wrong extension
  230. foobar2000 For Android Oreo
  231. Poor DLNA performance on large music collections when using "Albums" or "Artists"
  232. cuesheets not used for ogg-files
  233. FTP Server on iOS closes connection even if music is playing
  234. Plugin Reveal - Audeze
  235. Access Denied writing Replaygain tags on FLAC files on NAS
  236. Unicode playlists
  237. Select a streamer or device
  238. viewing bitrate info Foobar 2000 android version
  239. Collaborative albums and album art preview
  240. Can foobar2000 read EAC3 audio codec ?!
  241. Playback does not start on iOS
  242. Replaygain scanner not working?
  243. order of the songs is changed in a playlist when playlist transferred to iphone
  244. order of the songs changed when playlist transferred to iPhone
  245. song order in playlist changed after transferring to Iphone
  246. Strange equalizer behavior
  247. Android: embedded cover art greater than 4k wide doesn't load
  248. Newbie Question
  249. Can Admin turn on Signatures. Allow us to provide Phone, OS version in signature
  250. Android Beta 1.1.5 Volume Issue Bug