View Full Version : Scrobbling + Headphone Playback Bug

August 3rd, 2018, 10:09 AM

I'm on Foobar2000 (1.1.18) on Nexus 6p Android (8.1.0) and using Simple Last.fm Scrobbler (1.5.7) to scrobble to Last.fm

It seems that scrobbling doesn't go through anymore at all times.
It usually happens if I've listened to Foobar2000 for a bit, scrobbling goes perfectly well, Pause or Stop playback and then start listening again later scrobbles don't seem to go through anylonger. At this point when I unplug my headphones playback just continues out of the speakers of my phone as well...

The behaviour is difficult to reproduce, it doesn't seem to happen at all times ....

Anything I can do to fix this behaviour? Using a different player at the moment :-/