View Full Version : Incorrect album artist sorting for AAC files from iTunes, compliation flag

October 23rd, 2018, 07:11 AM
AAC tracks ripped using iTunes (with its built-in metadata retrieval) has own compilation metadata flag. It's used there for identification of records with various artists. The flag has value either 1 or 0, when it's not a compilation (the most of CDs).
Foobar2000 mobile tag scanner scans those tracks always as various artists regardless of this value, which is then reflected in media library "Album Artist / Album" view and all those records are incorrectly sorted there.
There are actually two workarounds - either complete removal of those flags (at some capable tag editing tool) or copying of Artist value to Album Artist field, which explicitly overrides that sorting.
Either approach requires to extract particular album from iTunes library and manual tag modification with another tool before upload, which is bit annoying.

I've tested that using version 1.1.21 from Testfight at iOS 12 and attached couple of screenshots.

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October 23rd, 2018, 07:14 AM
If any dev would like to try some example AAC files, please let me know.
However it should be quite easy to replicate using any iTunes version.. I've tried various AAC files spanning from version 6.x (eg. my first iPod ;)) up to latest 12.x and all tracks use the same flag.