View Full Version : Can't tell bitrate of flac playing in Foobar Mobile

April 8th, 2019, 06:14 PM
Just installed Foobar2000 for IOS app on my iPhone and it rocks!

I use Twonky server to stream my music stored on a nas-type setup and plug my iPhone via lightning adapter > usb to an outboard Marantz DAC1 dac/amp. No problem seeing and play my library -- it sound great! However, many of my flacs are 24-bit hi-res. Unlike Foobar2000 for PC, I have no way of seeing a readout of the bitrate.

Is the iPhone mobile version of Foobar transcoding to 16 bit due to IOS limitations? or are the 24-bit files being passed through?

Am I missing something in the app that will tell me?

Thanks...except for my inability to determine playing file bitrates I love this app!