View Full Version : BugHead Emperor player looks like the future but will never have the features.....

August 15th, 2016, 07:31 AM
You guys need to figure out what the processing juju bughead is using cause it sounds much more detailed and gives the sound far more depth and space whatever they are doing is the future of audio processing and is what will make the pc in the end the god audio device which we all know it is the god processor and so the only thing from making it the god audio processor is the right software. I think this project rests on its laurels too much and the focus should have always been looking towards advanced audio processing instead of just plugging and chugging other projects and making it an audio player. I dont know all the ins and outs of foobar but thats the gist Ive grafted from the posts I have read about it. This is not to sit here and play player fanboy as Im not interested in that at all and this thread may very well devolve into that but I am definitely outlining a certainty. Would be nice if someone doing this longer could figure it out and save the industry 20 years of waiting for quality cause I dont see the BugHead developer implementing widely accepted player features anytime soon. Sure would be nice to get that processing on internet radio streams. Makes foobar sound flat there is just no comparison it has bested it clearly. JRiver I think was better a couple years back but foobar retook the crown. Clear this hurdle and its like establishing yourself as the Nvidia of pc audio.......

August 16th, 2016, 02:58 AM
Not sure if this forum has the same rules as the main foobar2000 forum (https://hydrogenaud.io/index.php/topic,3974.0.html), but you might want to check the bit on subjective vs objective opinions (https://hydrogenaud.io/index.php/topic,11442.0.html).