View Full Version : Accessibility support for the player window

Edu Camargo
March 7th, 2017, 01:20 AM

I haven't been an active user on Foobar2000's forum at Hydrogenaudio, but I've learned a lot by reading the posts and, most importantly, I'm a big user of the desktop version of this player, so rich in features in such small piece of application; not to mention its accessibility for blind users.

I'm glad this player got its mobile treat and recently I've just managed to install it on my Smartphone (iPhone 7 Plus, 256GB). Everything works nice and easy with the VoiceOver screen reader except the player window that pops up when you select a track to play. It becomes totally inaccessible, no buttons can be accessed using VoiceOver while exploring the screen, nothing can be pressed, toggled, etc. It's like a blank screen for us. Although we're able to control the player via the iOS's lockscreen widget, it would be nice to use the player controls as well when the phone is unlocked.

Please consider this issue for a next release or as soon as possible. And thanks for the FB port to iOS.


Edu Camargo.