View Full Version : Foobar2000 mobile for Windows 10 Mobile is bugged

Hector Bosso
March 16th, 2017, 01:48 PM
I've posted it in the windowsphone reddit sub (/r/windowsphone) and will share it here so maybe some of the devs can work to fix it.

I was playing around with my foobar2000 and listening to some super high quality-FLAC songs and noticed something. The built in W10M equalizer won't work to the songs played i foobar2000, for some reason. Anything i apply to the equalizer won't work to the foobar2000 mobile. By the other hand, it works normally in things played in Groove Music.

Another thing: if you are a foobar2000 mobile user you may know that there are dozens of DSP settings and advanced settings to enhance your listening performance. Things such as ReplayGain, mono to stereo conversion, WASAPI, etc. BUT, pay attention, NONE OF THESE SETTINGS DO WORK. I said NONE of these settings work. Try changing anything inside foobar2000 mobile DSP settings and you'll notice no change. If you think it is changing, that's placebo and your ears are totally wrong. Anything you do and manage in the settings won't give you any change in the sound played. It made me ask myself about how the song is processed in this app. Why doesn't the equalizer work? Why doesn't the settings are applied to it? It's just a normal player, songs are played but nothing changes at all, so, theres no point in using it right now since NOTHING about the settings work on it, except the fact that music can be played on it.
Just a thought. Will share this topic in the foobar2000 mobile community. That means if you are using foobar2000 mobile right now in your device, i highly recommend you to stop and come back to Groove because your're losing your time and the songs played on Groove give way better quality.
Before saying that I'm wrong and that this is a rant or etc, note that all the things I said here are based in experiences i've made in my device (Lumia 640), leading me to the conclusion I've said. So, that's true.

TLDR: app is bugged, none of the DSP settings on it work, equalizer doesn't work and Groove Music quality is far superior since the song processing in foobar2000 mobile is, for some reason, not working as expected.

March 20th, 2017, 03:43 PM
hmmm... foobar2000 mobile's DSP works just fine on our W10 devices - and we have five of them: two lumias, two laptops and a tablet. I use the crossfade and replaygain options and I just tested the others. all work just fine and I am not imagining things. are you absolutely sure it doesn't work for you?

But you are right that windows mobile's equalizer doesn't work. I suspect that the actual sound rendering/decoding happens in foobar, somehow bypassing the equalizer, which only works on audio played back by windows OS. I suspect further that that is necessary to add additional formats such as opus and replaygain - which windows mobile natively doesn't support. but I am not a dev, so I could be totally wrong.