View Full Version : Multi-Disc album w/different cover art for each disc: load only 1 image

May 31st, 2017, 07:49 PM
Hi guys.

So, first, I want to say: I LOVE foobar2000 mobile! The built-in FTP server save me so much time!

But I think I discovered a bug (or more like an oversight?). I have an anthology by ABBA called "The Complete Studio Recordings" which is 9 CDs. Obviously, 8 of those CDs are the main ABBA albums and the 9 is compilation of unreleased material. You can see the release here on Discogs (https://www.discogs.com/ABBA-The-Complete-Studio-Recordings/release/769986).

Here's the hierarchy:

|->The Complete Studio Recordings
|-> Disc 2 - Waterloo
|-> Song(s)
|-> cover.jpg
|-> Disc 3 - ABBA
|-> Song(s)
|-> cover.jpg
|-> Disc 4 - Arrival
|-> Song(s)
|-> cover.jpg
|-> Disc 5 - The Album
|-> Song(s)
|-> cover.jpg
|-> Disc 6 - Voulez-Vous
|-> Song(s)
|-> cover.jpg
|-> Disc 7 - Super Troopers
|-> Song(s)
|-> cover.jpg
|-> Disc 9 - Rarities
|-> Song(s)
|-> cover.jpg
All tags are perfect. Artist and Album Artist are "ABBA". Album is "The Complete Studio Recordings", Disc Total, Total Tracks, Disc Number are also populated.

However, here's the thing: F2kMobile will only load the cover.jpg for Waterloo, in the first folder. I imagine it's how F2kMobile shows things.

Potential fixes:
1. If multiple cover.jpg are found for one album, show them all IF they are in multiple folders (one per folder)

1.01 Title
1.02 Title


2. Show only one cover art on the album page but show separate individuals covers on the "Now playing" screen (that's more on a workaround imo)
3. Search for a cover.jpg in the root album folder.

Thanks for the hard work Peter!