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October 28th, 2014, 07:25 AM
For current version information and a list of changes, please scroll below.

iOS 9 or newer.
iOS 6.1 and 7.x: last supported with foobar2000 mobile v1.0.33
iOS 8.x: last supported with foobar2000 mobile v1.1.38
Devices running old iOS will get old versions of foobar2000 mobile from the app store.
All device families (iPhone, iPod, iPad) supported.

How to get
Stable version:
Become a beta tester:

First run
The initial screen will show you the indexed library tree. At the bottom of the list, you can access the Documents folder for folder & file name based browsing of uploaded content.
The library content may take a few minutes to populate - foobar2000 may take a while to discover your entire library content on first run. Note that the library tree will contain items from both your iTunes-uploaded music library and the Documents folder.

Having trouble using it?
Check foobar2000 mobile usage tips thread for common problems and solutions:

The Documents folder
The Documents folder content can be uploaded from iTunes, under Apps / File Sharing.
If you download content from UPnP media servers, it will be downloaded to your Documents folder.

Why use Documents folder?
The regular iTunes music library will only let you upload Apple-supported file formats.
The Documents folder has no such restrictions and lets you upload any kind of files you wish to play on your device, say, full albums encoded to Opus, with external JPEG album art.

Supported audio formats

Popular lossy formats:
MP3, MP4/M4A, Musepack (MPC), Ogg Vorbis, Opus
Popular lossles formats:
FLAC, WavPack (WV), Apple Lossless (ALAC)
Utility formats:
Module formats (yep we mean it):
MOD, S3M, XM, IT and many more
Video game music formats (yep we really mean it):
Archive formats:
ZIP, 7-zip, RAR

Most of the above formats are only accessible through the Documents folder, not through iTunes music library.

FFmpeg is used for decoding of: AAC, MP3, Vorbis, APE, TAK and WMA.

November 5th, 2014, 05:19 AM
Current stable version is: 1.1.44

Version 1.1.44, 2019-05-21 Fixed wrong indexing of discnumber tags padded with zeros - you might need to remove disable/enable affected folders for this to take full effect.
Fixed bugs with "show non-audio files in folders".
Made foobar2000 music folder ("documents folder") available to iOS Files app.
Made TuneFUSION music folder not backed up to iCloud.

Version 1.1.43, 2019-05-14 New first run experience with prompts for music location and music transfer options.
TuneFUSION usability improvements.
Fixed crash on dropped FTP connection.

Version 1.1.42, 2019-05-07 Added setup screens on first run to help getting your music transferred to your device.

Version 1.1.40, 2019-04-24 TuneFUSION stability improvements

Version 1.1.39, 2019-04-18 New TuneFUSION user interface.
Fixed various glitches on devices with screen notches.
Lowest supported iOS version is now 9.0.

Version 1.1.38 Fixed spurious rescans of TuneFUSION music folder

Version 1.1.37, 2019-03-26 Fixed some WMA files being falsely reported as DRM-protected
Added cover art display for WMA

Version 1.1.32, 2019-03-06 Stability improvements

Version 1.1.29, 2019-02-18 Improved handling of files with missing title tags
Crashbug fixes
FTP client & server compatibility fixes
Restored prev/next track controls on lockscreen

Version 1.1.27, 2019-01-04 iOS lockscreen seekbar now usable.
Improved propagation of artist pictures from multi artist album art.

Version 1.1.26, 2019-01-02 HTTP client (network shares, internet radio) bugs fixed
Internal debug logging improvements

Version 1.1.24, 2018-11-14 Fixed a bug causing poor performance when browsing HTTP folders.

Version 1.1.22, 2018-10-31 Fixed bugs related to renaming folders.

Version 1.1.21, 2018-10-08 Fixed Equalizer sliders not working on iOS 8.x
Equalizer page tweaks, made numeric values of sliders momentarily visible

Version 1.1.17, 2018-06-14 Fixed a Media Library regression resulting in missing cover art.
Fixed various operations resulting in rescanning of all Media Library folders. These now only rescan the affected folder.
Improved FTP client compatibility with certain devices.

Version 1.1.16, 2018-05-24 Fixed Media Servers page bugs

Version 1.1.15, 2018-05-16 FTP compatibility fixes
Fixed lockup when reading specific SPC files
Fixed longtap context menu bugs

Version 1.1.10, 2018-03-29 FTP server page now prevents device sleep properly.
Playlist manipulation performance and bug fixes.
Better feedback when failing to play a DRM protected WMA file.
FTP/HTTP networking fixes.

Version 1.1.9, 2018-03-22 Fixed HTTP client regression from 1.1.8.

Version 1.1.8, 2018-03-21 Reworked Media Library - will need to rescan your music on first run.
Added the ability to put remote resources - such as FTP folders - in media library.
Can now rescan individual library folders on demand; remote folders not rescanned unless explicitly requested.
Faster media indexing - multiple folders will be indexed concurrently.
FTP client and server bug fixes.

Version 1.1.5, 2017-12-23 Added Equalizer DSP
Up to date with latest foobar2000 desktop decoder codebase
Updated DUMB module decoder to latest
Rewritten media server browser, now integrated with user-specified server management, removed now obsolete media servers settings page
New way of flipping between playback / browse screens.

Version 1.0.94, 2017-09-05 Fixed another Media Library bug causing high CPU usage.

Version 1.0.93, 2017-09-04 Fixed 1.0.89 media library regression causing unnecessary file access

Version 1.0.92, 2017-08-29 Fixed incorrect behavior after reordering playlist items.

Version 1.0.87, 2017-07-27 Removed 'lite' status, public version now has full features.
Made UI more responsive in case of stuck decoder.
Bug fixes.

Version 1.0.83/1.0.84, 2017-07-11 Right-to-left language display fixes
Various crash bugs fixed

Version 1.0.82, 2017-06-29 Prevented playback restart when reordering inactive DSPs
Made FTP server startup failures shown properly - now stays "off" if so
UPnP discovery and browsing tweaks
Fixed some "advanced search" fields not being picked by database - folder add/remove cycle needed.
Improved auto "hide duplicate tracks" feature
Cleaned up handling of play/pause/fastforward/rewind buttons
Fixed wrong-track-played-from-search
Improved downloader behaviors when dealing with uncommon filename characters.
Added an advanced settings option to disable monitoring of music folders for changes.
Added an advanced settings option to disable splitting of artist names by "feat." etc.
Fixed crash when toggling shuffle/repeat when stopped.
Fixed extreme scrolling lag in FTP folders

Version 1.0.79/1.0.80, 2017-05-31 Public version: see also previous change log entries since 1.0.67.
Fixed horrible bug with Unicode in search queries.
Made files without an 'album' tag possible to locate when browsing by genre.
Fixed album count calculation glitch.

Version 1.0.76, 2017-05-24
Folder browsing tweaks, non audio files (if enabled) shown in a separate group
UPnP-streaming of Opus files from foo_upnp now works.
UPnP discovery tweaks, server list should popuplate much quicker now.
Changed the way UPnP content list retrieval works, hopefully for better compatibility with specific servers
Fixed "style" metadata field not being read (need to reindex library to take effect)
Track number field handling fixes

Version 1.0.67/1.0.68, 2017-05-08 Fixed missing metadata when making playlists with tracks not indexed by the Media Library.
Fixed stall when trying to back out of loading a large list of UPnP items.
Improved UPnP compatibility with servers giving wrong content-type for M4A files (Universal Media Server).
Worked around TAK format seeking glitches in FFmpeg.
Fixed image cache glitch causing missing images when browsing folders or or media servers.
FTP client (downloader) and FTP server fixes.

Version 1.0.61/1.0.62, 2017-04-06
FFmpeg now used for AAC + MP3
New supported formats: TAK [FFmpeg], APE [FFmpeg], WMA [FFmpeg]
Greatly improved FTP browsing performance over 1.0.60
More reliable remembering of scroll position across various views
Folder browsing: different message when the folder is empty vs the folder contains invisible files
FTP browser treats "@recycle" etc as hidden
Fixed folder browsing losing now-playing track status when leaving & reentering a folder.
Decoding speed test page tweaks
Fixed a bug causing certain folder pictures not to load
Disabled autocorrect for various edit boxes such as "play location" URL

Version 1.0.60, 2017-03-13 FTP browsing/playback feature - add FTP servers in "media servers" page.

Version 1.0.55/1.0.56, 2016-12-22 FTP server: now available to everyone, not just beta users.
FTP server: improved compatibility with various FTP clients.
Tools menu structure cleanups.
Skinning: New image entries: iconadd, iconremove, iconsliders, iconspeaker, iconmenu, iconlist; default black/white skin images are used if a custom skin is missing some of the new functionality.
ReplayGain scanner can now show what albums or tracks are missing ReplayGain info.
Refreshed user-specified UPnP server list page functionality.
Creating a new playlist now initiates playlist rename.
Fixed a skin rendering glitch causing white skin buttons to visible have gray fringe bars on some devices.

Version 1.0.51/1.0.52, 2016-11-28
FTP server updates [beta only for now]
Fixed UPnP incompatibility with MinimServer

Version 1.0.50, 2016-11-22 - beta-only update New feature: FTP server for easily manipulating your music library
Fixed bugs related to handling of files with : characters in names
Fixed artist pictures not being picked from compilation albums

Version 1.0.47/1.0.48, 2016-10-29 Added website / forum / support links to the about page
Fixed mono AAC files not playing
Fixed high sample rate ALAC files not playing
Fixed certain MP3 files (ones not gapless to begin with) having extra silence inserted at the end
Fixed user interface lockup when attempting to play UPnP or internet radio from an unresponsive server
Fixed certain Ogg files with strangely formatted tags being unreadable

Version 1.0.43/1.0.44, 2016-10-13
Fixed many many playlist manipulation bugs
Added "create playlist" commands
Made possible to add items to playlist from "Play location"
Updated WavPack library, now possible to play WavPack 5 DSD files
Tapping blank seekbar on nonseekable files no longer restarts the song
Reordering DSPs works like it should again

Version 1.0.39/1.0.40, 2016-09-20
Playlist manipulation, create and edit playlists on your device
Ability to index folders of externally-made M3U playlists for your music library.
Many bug fixes.

Version 1.0.37/1.0.38, 2016-09-20
Fixed iOS 10 first run experience glitches.
Decoder codebase updates from desktop foobar2000.
iOS versions older than 8 are no longer supported as Apple dropped support for them in Xcode 8.
You should still be able to install 1.0.33 from the App Store on older devices. There are no major issues known with that version.

Version 1.0.36, 2016-08-20 - beta only for now
Various appearance tweaks
Merged tag handling changes from foobar2000 1.3.11 for Windows desktop

Version 1.0.33/1.0.34, 2016-06-30
Corrected a 1.0.32 regression causing playback screen not to be refreshed when album art has completed loading.

Version 1.0.31/1.0.32, 2016-06-25
Corrected a greatly annoying regression from the previous version - pausing iTunes library tracks while the device is locked and not on AC power, playback would advance to the next track a few seconds from unpausing
Made all now-playing album artwork loaded asynchronously for less UI lag when cycling tracks

Version 1.0.29/1.0.30, 2016-06-19
Added stop after current feature
Repeat / shuffle / stop after current are now accessible via skin elements; default skin provides shuffle/repeat controls
Smarter shuffle vs non-repeat behavior when manually started playback from specific track
Implemented skin-controlled volume control; added fallback tools items for volume control since not every skin has a volume slider

Version 1.0.27/1.0.28, 2016-06-11
Added playback order controls, shuffle and repeat modes
Made the next track visible to the skin
Grid album view is now text+image by default, image-only is opt-in
Made duplicate tracks hidden by default when browsing
Various utility advanced preferences options added
Skin rendering bug fixes

Version 1.0.25/1.0.26, 2016-05-30
Fixed context menu crash on iOS 7.x and 6.x

Version 1.0.23/1.0.24, 2016-05-20
Improved pause performance with formats that are slow to seek
Fixed crashing when flipping views on iOS 8.x, possibly 7.x too
Support for loading playlist files (M3U, PLS) through Documents folder browsing

Version 1.0.20, 2016-05-10
Improved first run experience, better hints about Media Library status
Now installs on iOS 6.1 and iOS 7 devices off AppStore.

Version 1.0.19, 2016-05-07
Initial public preview. No new features or bugfixes.

Version 1.0.16, 2016-04-16
Much more verbose console logging
Fixed playback view incorrectly rendering playback time values longer than 1 hour
Made dragging ReplayGain preamp sliders interrupt playback less

Version 1.0.15, 2016-03-30
Grid view for albums is now enabled by default
Added confirm-before-delete when browsing folders
Better info display when playing module files

Version 1.0.14, 2016-03-17
Fixed playback screen fringe glitch
Fixed black skin vs table view A-Z index
Module files are now much faster to open, but non seekable and do not show length
Prettier handling of non-seekable files (seekbar disabled)
Added "Reset" button to settings of individual DSPs
Made changing DSP settings interrupt playback less often
Made album grid view use skin provided images
Improved browse view album header looks on tablet devices

Version 1.0.14, 2016-03-11
When browsing documents folders, last seen folder is now remembered across app instances.
Cleaned up playback screen gestures on iOS6.

November 5th, 2014, 05:28 AM
iTunes Match tracks not playable.
Due to iOS power management restrictions, long-running UPnP downloads or ReplayGain scans may cause iOS to kill our process for not going to sleep when asked to. Connect your device to AC power before performing long downloads.