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October 5th, 2017, 02:35 PM
So I've been holding off on posting this problem for a while now hoping it'd be caught/resolved.

First - (many versions ago), my IP address was something 98.xxx.xxx.xxx, and I was able to use the media server feature just fine to stream my home music on my phone.

Months ago, the streaming broke - and I found that my ISP changed my IP address to a different one. I figured, "okay, I'll just change the IP address and things should work again". Unfortunately, doing that does not work and I am no longer able to stream my home music. Additionally, the error that the application spits out (via the overlay) is telling me that the application is still trying to hit my old IP address despite the new IP address being set for the media server. What's weird is that I can receive the playlists just fine from the media server (ie; if I modify my playlists on my server, I can see the changes) - but I can NOT play anything.

1) I've tried to poke around on my device (unrooted) to see if there's any caching of media server information that I could forcefully remove to reset the remembering of the old IP, (maybe it's bound to the playlists and the playlists are cached or something) - I could not find anything without rooting my phone
2) I've removed and re-added the new IP several times
3) I've cleared the settings/data/cache from in the application itself, didn't resolve the issue
4) I've uninstalled and reinstalled the application from the Google Play store, didn't resolve the issue
5) I have NOT attempted to reformat my phone, where I expect this would resolve the issue - I should't have to do a phone reformat to resolve this

I hope someone has encountered this situation or that I've supplied enough information for the dev(s) to look into the issue.

November 9th, 2017, 10:05 AM
I could not find the edit button for the original post, but I have additional information in case this is being looked into.

I had to RMA my old phone and got a replacement, a different device entirely. In using the Android built-in phone-to-phone transfer process, my new phone was setup, and Foobar was downloaded onto the new device.

The new device is STILL targeting the old IP as indicated in the original post, despite the new device never having connected to the IP. This tells me that there's definitely some caching of IPs for libraries over media servers somewhere on the system - that needs to be deleted/refreshed somehow. Do I really need to go and root my phone and poke around that deeply to resolve this?