View Full Version : My Device doesn't show up

October 15th, 2017, 06:32 AM
Hi there,

I've been trying to set up properly Foobar for the last few weeks. I have been listening to music indeed !
Still there's something which had been bothering me ... I played music from my laptop using foobar and the streaming option from my amp the Arcam Solo.
In Foobar Output Device I've selected "Null Output" and still the music was playing. But I noticed a long, way too long delay when changing tracks. 20 seconds between the change of the track on my PC and the Arcam playing it.
I figured, may be it's because the Arcam didn't appeared on the Foobar Output Devices selection ?
What do you think ?

I must add that my laptop, running on Windows 10, shows up The Arcam Solo Music as a media renderer, I can't see why Foobar doesn't.