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February 10th, 2018, 04:19 PM
I incorrectly started a thread in the General Category.
http://http://forum.foobar2000.com/forum/showthread.php?957-Possible-volume-issue-on-Android (http://forum.foobar2000.com/forum/showthread.php?957-Possible-volume-issue-on-Android)

I believe I have narrowed down the issue.
Volume control and Playback position control seem to be having issues interacting.

You need to load a skin of the Now Playing screen that has both controls visible.
EDIT: The only skins I have tested also have the mute control placed on the Now Playing screen.

Have a track playing
Set volume control somewhere low.
Touch the Playback position Marker
Result = Volume has increased to 100% and the Volume control marker has not moved.

Set volume control somewhere low.
Hit the mute control. Result = no sound and if the skin provides appropriate image the Mute control shows mute is active
Touch the Playback position Marker.
Result = Volume increases to 100%, Volume marker has not moved and the Mute control still incorrectly still showing it is active though sound is on.

I have cleared App data. Deleted App. Downloaded beta again.
Issue remains.
Replay gain on or off
No DSP loaded
Foobar App on Phone
Library on remote SD card

Samsung Mega 3
Android Kitkat 4.4.4
Stock Samsung ROM - just de bloated a little
Foobar Mobile beta 1.1.5

April 3rd, 2018, 03:21 AM
Problem persists on 1.1.10 beta. I confirm reproduction steps. My library is also on an SD card, while app stays in built in memory. All tracks are RG scanned (in foobar desktop) and RG is enabled (track mode; RG only, no peak).
Additionally manual changing of track causes that volume also resets to higher values, not only seeking.

Problem does not occur if playback is not altered in any way - if track changes automatically (both in foreground and in the background), then in-app volume stays as it was set with foobar's slider.

Device: D6633, 32bit ARM
Android: 6.0.1, untouched (not rooted, etc., no updates available since more than 2 years, you know it's Sony)
Foobar: 1.1.10 beta