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    Re: Browse by a custom tag

    For album grouping, see my post here:*post3104
  2. Re: Option to either group Various Artists Albums or split in mini albums

    I don't know what format your files are in, but with Vorbis tags, making sure the ALBUMARTIST tag (ALBUM ARTIST works, too) is set to the same string for all of the album's files will fix that. I...
  3. Re: Android notification (lock screen) usability / readability

    I must bump this thread. Just started using foobar2000 mobile for Android. Was using VLC but I really like the simpler interface, and especially things like replaygain and gapless support.
    My lock...
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    Re: Albums with same name not appear grouped

    I also encountered this when I had the exact same album stored in two different directories - with different codec types/bitrates. The album tags are the same for both. I would like any fix for this...
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