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  1. Re: Playback stops when I lock my iPhone 11 Pro

    For me, the solution was simply to restart my phone. I did the entire transfer from the 8 to the 11 Pro without issue, so it never occurred to me to "turn it off & on again".
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    What is hydrogenaud?

    Why does the little question mark in the top right corner of the Foobar library configuration take me to hydrogenaud & not here?

    It makes it very difficult to know where's best to post question.
  3. Album metatags not updating if album is already on iPhone

    Pretty much as above.

    My phone is an iPhone 11 Pro.

    I went through & re-wrote all the tags to a large set of albums in iTunes, to make use of the way that foobar sorts albums. Which is to say...
  4. Playback stops when I lock my iPhone 11 Pro

    Hi all.

    So, as the thread title says, Foobar was great on my iPhone 8, but on my new phone, as soon as I lock it or go to another app, playback stops.

    I'm hoping it's a little setting somewhere...
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