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    [Android] No way to quit

    Foobar2000 for Android needs a way to quit. At present, even if I close, pressing the button on my headphones makes Foobar2000 override my audiobook app to start playing even though I wanted to...
  2. Foobar2000 Android repeately pausing playback after initial pause

    This bug is happening to me on my Samsung Galaxy Note8 and it has always happened with foobar 2000.

    First I set a song playing.

    Then I pause the song by hitting a button on my headphones.
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    Chiptune playback issue

    When I try to listen to the NSF version of MOON8 in foobar2000, only the first song in the NSF file will play. It should be able to play all the songs in NSF files.

    I asked the creator if he'd...
  4. Re: Android: Every Now and Then, Removal of Earphones Does Not Stop Music.

    I have this same problem too! It really bugs me.

    Samsung Galaxy Note8 running Android 8.0.0
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