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  1. Pressing & holding an M3U playlist should bring up the pop-up menu

    The way I use foobar2000 on android, it would be a huge improvement if long-tapping an M3U playlist could bring the pop-up menu to add all the tracks to a foobar playlist.
    Similar to this...
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    Bug with MP3s having more than 4 genres

    Hello, it seems that the app doesn't read more than 4 genres in an MP3 file.
    For example, I have an MP3 file with five "GENRE" tags : "genre 1", "genre 2", "genre 3", "genre 4", "genre 5".
    In the...
  3. Re: Genre selection, play all and shuffle all options

    Same as previous post, I can make a donation for this feature. Thx
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    Re: Play next album after current album

    This way it'd be very simple to run all tracks of an artist chronologically.
  5. Re: Pressing & holding a genre should bring up the pop-up menu.

    This feature would be really cool.
    Very often I want to shuffle all tracks of a specific genre, and I have to add each album manually. Pressing & holding a genre should bring the pop-up to add...
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