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    All songs by genre?

    I want to be able to play all my songs of a particular genre, or save them into a play list. Is there any way to do this?

    Currently, I see how I can get a list of all the artists who have songs in...
  2. Option to group albums with multiple artists?

    I'm using foobar2000 on Android (best player available, thank you guys so much), but one thing I'd like to adjust is how it splits apart albums with multiple artists. A soundtrack with 10 tracks by...
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    Embedded Album Art All Formats

    One of the things I really love about foobar2000 is that it allows you to embed album art even into formats that don't have native support (Vorbis, FLAC, Opus, etc.) I really hope that this will be...
  4. Re: Bookmarks for long tracks and audiobooks

    I'd like to second this request, and add an addendum that bookmarks also save the playback order when the bookmark was made.

    For example, I start playing an audiobook, and naturally, I want...
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