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  1. Re: [Request] Add upnp authentification on iphone/ipad app

    What URL do you use to listen to the playback stream through a browser? I tried every combination the previous guy posted to no avail. Always get connection refused. Ports are open and all.
  2. Re: GUIDE: Transfer music to foobar2000 mobile over wi-fi

    What about transfering or streaming music to a mobile device outside the UPnP server network? I've been messing around with the "Internet access" settings of the BubbleUPnP plugin to no avail.
  3. Can't connect to UPnP server from outside LAN

    Hello everyone.
    As the thread title says, I can't seem to access my desktop UPnP server from my Android phone while on a different network.
    I'm using foobar2000 v1.3.11 on Windows 7, I've set up...
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    Re: skin by Gr0m

    What about the lockscreen? My biggest gripe with the default skin is that the lockscreen buttons are too small.
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