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  1. Re: Audio conversion in mobile version: possible?

    Look for dBpoweramp... both Mac and PC versions available. It's not free, but an AMAZING app.
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    Re: Bug: Songs randomly stopped playing

    This started happening to me, as well, about a week ago. Apple iPhoneX on IOS 12.1.3, usually while plugged in to my Alpine car receiver. My entire library on the phone is lossless... FLAC or ALAC....
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    Re: iOS 10 first run experience glitches

    It's working fine for me. Added more music to it today and it's all seen. Are you trying to scan your iTunes library or is it looking at documents? Since I play only FLAC files, they're installed...
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    Folder/File punctuation, etc.

    Just to confirm, Foobar does NOT like typical punctuation like ?, :, etc. in directory/folder names or files, correct? I just digitized my limited edition of Hendrix' ARE YOU EXPERIENCED? from 200gm...
  5. Re: High-definition audio output non-operational ?

    OK, tried a couple of things this afternoon. For my iPhone 6 I have an Oppo HA-2 as well as an HRT microStreamer. Both sound GREAT, but the HRT actually has LEDs on the side to alert you as to...
  6. Re: iOS - Unable to skip songs while attached to car audio system.

    What kind of head unit? I've got a 4-year old Alpine and it works fine... does iTunes work OK for you? Just asking...
  7. Re: High-definition audio output non-operational ?

    I just discovered this, as well. I also must assume the iPhone truncates to 16-bit regardless of the bit depth of the original file. Is this a fault with the hardware and we're stuck with it?
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    Reorder DSP tools...not

    Didn't know if you've had any feedback on this but on iPhone6 using latest OS, reordering the DSP tools does nothing. The window does change showing the options to move, but nothing is movable.
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