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  1. Re: Is there any chance of foobar mobile getting auto-playlists?

    this would be amazingly helpful if it were to happen. currently, i'm making my autoplaylists on foobar desktop and then exporting them as m3u8 files (at which point they are no longer smart playlists...
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    Re: Query Syntax Auto-Playlists

    i would second this. right now i'm exporting my autoplaylists from the desktop version of foobar, modifying the m3u's to point to the right locations, and loading them into foobar mobile. it gets the...
  3. Re: Playing or importing m3u-playlists created on the PC

    i can tell you how i've been managing on getting everything working on my iphone, but it may or may not work for you. all of my music was dropped into foobar directly via the ftp server. for the...
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