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  1. [iOS] 1.0.1 - Sound "crashes" intermittently when other application plays sound

    Apologies if this is already a known issue, but, if you have a song playing (one that's been copied across to your phone, so running locally) and then open another application opens and plays sound,...
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    Re: IOS Alpha testing

    Happy to say that after supplying my ID, it works just fine for me :)

    I'm sure it will be coming, but I'm particularly looking forward to an option to hide anything that isn't locally installed on...
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    Hello World (Also Best of Luck)!

    I'm been a fan of the Windows Desktop foobar2000 version since I migrated to it from Winamp (R.I.P) all those years ago!

    Even though the Kickstarter was pulled I just wanted to donate and wish you...
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