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  1. Re: Font sizes, Album cover from folder file, Folder view

    Ah, that'll be great then. I'm really looking forward to it.
  2. Font sizes, Album cover from folder file, Folder view

    A few things:

    Options to change the size of fonts in lists, lock-screen widget, etc. to display more information as desired. These screens keep getting bigger with more pixel density, but it...
  3. Re: What problem does foobar2000 mobile solve?

    That's a very esoteric set of assumptions you're making about how or why most people use such a player. I get the distinct impression that you've never used, or possibly even encountered, a portable...
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    Re: Have a great idea?

    Plugin system to enable features such as binaural-to-stereophonic and all the great kode54 plugins (if they're not built in).

    If not plugin support, audio features such as crossfeed, resampling,...
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