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  1. High-Definition audio Output menu button does not function, still ?!?!

    I'm running iOS and was excited when the app offered a menu option under the Advanced tab, to select High-Definition audio Output.
    That was couple of years ago and yet it still does not actually...
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    Download Option, Native OR Mp3 Please !!

    As the subject states, it'd be SUPER cool if FB2K could present an option to download both the native file AND also an Mp3 transcoded version which would be most appropriate for mobile devices with...
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    Download File type option changes...?

    Well it was great to find the updated version of Foobar2000 awaiting download today, and even better that one of the big bugs that I had experienced (failure to download most of my music titles to my...
  4. Media Library dis-functionality and other observed bugs...

    Firstly I have reposted this more completely here as I inadvertently posted it in the IOS download guide Sticky (mods please delete it from there)...

    With some further exploration of this...
  5. Re: GUIDE: Transfer music to foobar2000 mobile over wi-fi

    Well with some further exploration of this incredibly cool app I found that the music which is downloaded using it, resides within the Documents folder, Doh !!!
    One can enter the Media Library menu...
  6. Re: GUIDE: Transfer music to foobar2000 mobile over wi-fi

    Well this is pretty darn cool and handy, however I have one major issue !
    It downloads from Asset to my iPhone 6 exceptionally quickly, but the files downloaded using this method ONLY appear in...
  7. High-definition audio output non-operational ?

    I've just begun to use F2K (1.0.33) on my iPhone 6 (iOS 9.3.2) and I must say that it has blindingly fast responsiveness and instantly found all my defined library settings from Asset UPnP, this is...
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