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    Re: Linux and OS X Version

    I just run it in Wine on my Macbook, there's no drag and drop functionality and If I rezise the bars at the top, they just reset the next time I open, but otherwise it's still my go to player on both...
  2. Re: Additional DSP and (or) PC version DSP ports

    I'm hoping for this too!

    I'd at least like to see the ones I use the most like Center_Cut and Playback Speed.
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    Re: Android version feedback

    Sound is very quiet, like at max volume it's about the same volume as when I have Android Winamp on half volume.
  4. Re: What features from the desktop version would you like to see make the transition?

    At the very least I'd like to see the playback speed plugin added to it, it's nice to be able to play the odd song at a different speed like a turntable set to the wrong speed! :)
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    Re: Android version feedback (Alpha 3)

    I'm liking it! very fast. I'd love repeat and Shuffle buttons along with the forward and back though, and does anyone know if and how to add DSP's? (like the components on the Windows version eg:...
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