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  1. [3 Feautres Request] - CUE support, - SMB support, - Audio render output selection

    - CUE support for FLAC, APE etc.
    - SMB support, reading from network drives NAS.
    - Audio render output selection, for Chromecast Audio etc.

    Thank you.
  2. Re: foobar2000 mobile - add support to remote control

    Exactly, foobar mobile should have option to control normal foobar and see all music formats same like normal version with CUE+FLAC/APE support.
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    Poll: Re: Flac cue support

    Please add foobar2000 mobile player to remote other foobar2000 with reading/see CUE+FLAC/APE support.
  4. foobar2000 mobile - add support to remote control

    Please add support to Foobar2000 mobile player support to remote control other Foobar2000 in local network.

    I tried all Foobar2000 controller apps for Android but all of them are completly...
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