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  1. Re: Countdown stopping playback and default shuffle play

    That's also my request. It would be very fine, if it would be possible to stop Foobar2000 after 10, 20, 30, 45, 60, 90 and 120 minutes or without timer.
    I enjoy Foobar2000 mobile very much!
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    Re: [Android] Covers not shown!? Please Help!

    I had the same problem with Folder.jpg or Front.jpg-files. The covers are only shown,
    if they are integrated in the flac- or mp3-files. With the program foobar2000 on your
    computer you can...
  3. Re: Can't see full contents of a folder on UPnP server

    My Samsunbg Galaxy S4 mini running Android-Version 4.4.2
    has no problem showing a list of more than 1000 subfolders and files
    (very fast). My servers are Synology Diskstations.
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