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  1. Reading lyrics in metatags for multiple audio formats

    I love to use Opus files for Opus' very efficient algorithm (small size but great quality), though this request applies to more than only one file format. I wish lyrics could be read in the metatags...
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    Incorrect Display on OnePlus 6T

    Hi everyone!

    I have recently acquired a OnePlus 6T, upgrading from my still pretty good Nexus 5. I quickly installed the foo app and realised that the display for the "currently playing" window is...
  3. Re: How can I put "stop after current" into skin.

    Hi ssky,

    There's no button available for that function straight away. Instead, you can use the "menu" button. When clicking on it, there are a couple of available options, including "stop after...
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    Re: New skin: Minim ui

    A couple important points:

    -The skins are pretty heavy (4-5 MB) because the images are bigger than necessary. It reaches 10 MB for the original skin (orange), and 30 MB for the color gradient....
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    New skin: Minim ui

    Hello everyone!

    I'm new to foobar2000 mobile. I've only had it for 2 months or so. In the first few days, I tried to find skins that could act as my user interface, but didn't find much to my...
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