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  1. Auto-jump to "Playlists" list view at startup possible?

    When I start foobar2000 then the first view is always "Browse" with entries "Title","Shuffle all tasks",....

    In 99% of all cases I have manually to tap on "Playlists" entry at the bottom to go to...
  2. Export and (auto-)import of playlists in *.m3u format possible?

    Can I somehow export the current (or all) playlists into a standard *.m3u file?
    I want to have a copy for backup purposes.

    Possible I also want to copy the local MP3 folder to my tablet and...
  3. Adding *.mp3 songs to playlist FROM Playlist view not possible?

    Assume I setup a new (empty) playlist "myplaylist" and go into this playlist:

    How can I add (starting from this view) some *.mp3 files?

    As far as I can see the only way of adding is going into...
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