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  1. BUG: FTP Playback with [ or ] in fullpath result in -- Playback error: Object not...

    [ or ] characters using playback via FTP.

    I've spilt this from an unrelated thread so it may get more people checking if this bug exists for them also and to have a dedicated thread...
  2. Screen capture of bug

    Found out exactly the characters which are causing the issue.

    Foobar2k no longer crashes with the latest update. So thanks for that.

    Problem still remains with the [ and ] chars.

    See screen...
  3. Re: Bug found

    Problem still persists with the latest update a couple of days ago.

    It may be the { and } causing this.
  4. Re: Bug found

    Updated with the latest Andriod version 06-06-18 and it immediately crashes when selecting the folder:

    Boy Boy Boy (2015-05-24) [FLAC, 16-44.1, WEB] {BLKBTR73}/

    With the a full path of:...
  5. Re: Bug found

    Here's my ftp settings with user and password changed.

    Using these settings I can navigate into the album folder okay and see the file but it fails to play the file.

    Media Server Settings:...
  6. Re: Bug found

    It's the 1517+ model and I'm using ftp enabled via the NAS with no encryption.

    Have you tried the same folder name with whitespaces?
  7. Bug found

    There's a bug with filenames with [ and ] over FTP.

    My folder names are like so:
    Lights Out [RS197] 2013-11-18

    But when I rename them to:
    Lights Out RS197 2013-11-18

    They play.
  8. FTP + Local network (Searching for devces) question

    I was trying to connect to a Synology NAS to stream music from it.

    I've successfully connected via FTP but the music doesn't play when I select the file.
    Does the file need to be download...
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