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  1. [Android 7.1.1/ Nokia 5] Steaming (.m3u) stops after some minutes

    I'm having issues with Foobar streaming internet radio stations, which addresses are stored locally in .m3u files.
    I've already excluded Foobar from Doze mode, it didn't help. I've tried VLC to...
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    Re: Windows 10 Mobile Help

    Actually, as with UWP apps, the UI is pretty much the same on both PC and mobile, at least if you don't use the x86 program. Try that download link on your PC and you get the new UWP app from the...
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    Re: W10M version feedback

    Version 1.0.29 runs very well on my Lumia 1520, OS 14367.0.
    Now I can even stream Internetradio stations via m3u or pls reliably, something none of the long existing apps like TuneIn or
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