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  1. Load Playlists recursively from specified root dir

    I am wondering why aren't playlists loaded recursively from specified directory onwards. The fix should be easy enough to implement, so I wish we don't have to wait for this until 2035. I am posting...
  2. Re: Where is the equalizer? I mean... it is the equalizer

    Just to be sure, if it wasn't clear enough or only implied, I don't have the equalizer at all in my version of 1.0.94, hence posting about it, maybe someone can tell me why or where to find it ? A...
  3. Replies

    Customize main screen items

    Much like you can reorder the items in the DSP manager, maybe we should be able to reorder the items in the main screen?

    But the main aspect is to SHOW/NOT SHOW items in the main screen.
  4. Where is the equalizer? I mean... it is the equalizer

    This reddit thread
    says the equalizer in v1.1.5 is to be found under Tools -> Settings -> DSP Manager ->...
  5. "All Tracks" as they appear in albums/folders, not alphabetically.

    In the Android App, when going to a band's albums list, there is the option to play "All Tracks". However, a playlist is automatically created with all tracks in alphabetical order. Couldn't....*hm*...
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