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    Re: Where to copy fpl file on Nexus 7

    does FB2K Mobile do this matching every time or just once and save a converted/match version of the playlist/context to use from there on?
  2. [Android 8.0.1] random crash after played for long total duration of time

    not sure if it's the same thing as
    still seeing random crashes after long playback time. frequently doing...
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    Re: Play Location weirdness

    sorting is still broken with the latest update from few days ago
  4. Re: Bluetooth no longer send metadata update

    still broken with the latest update from few days ago
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    Re: Bug: Songs randomly stopped playing

    I see the same issue. looks like Foobar2000 Mobile is randomly crashing after extended playback. never seen this when playing for just 15 minutes or less. encounter this issue from time to time when...
  6. Re: Bluetooth no longer send metadata update

    Foobar doesn't send/update metadata unless it starts playing a song from the beginning. if you resume playback of a song not from the beginning. Foobar will only send/update metadata when it reaches...
  7. Re: Bluetooth no longer send metadata update

    I think I found the bug.

    the latest Foobar2000 Mobile must be launched only after Bluetooth is already connected. otherwise, Foobar2000 Mobile is just broken on many things
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    Re: Play Location weirdness

    after some fiddling, it looks like Play Location ignore directory path and sort all songs by Artist...
  9. Re: Bluetooth no longer send metadata update

    I managed to reproduce issue on Foobar2000 itself with the following steps from time to time

    1. pair with bluetooth device
    2. start playback using bluetooth device and let it play a couple songs...
  10. Re: Bluetooth no longer send metadata update

    more info

    OS is Android 8.0.0

    I found out that if I manually press stop and start from the phone on Foobar2000 Mobile's taskbar, then metadata of current song is updated on the paired Bluetooth...
  11. Bluetooth no longer send metadata update

    after updated Foobar2000 Mobile from Google store 2 days ago on Andoird, Foobar2000 Mobile no longer sends update song info when finished playback of a song

    title, artist and album of the very...
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    Play Location weirdness

    just updated to the latest and saw some improvements such as file location displayed in Play Location's browser. However there are still a couple things I'm not sure what to do

    1. is it possible...
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    Re: bluetooth connection

    could be your car's BT. mine always stops playback as if the "stop button" was pressed whenever I turn off the car
  14. Re: Android 8 no longer play when Bluetooth is connected

    after some digging, it looks like the notification sound for Bluetooth device maybe conflicting with foobar2k's playback during the initial playback, but I don't know of any way to disable the...
  15. Android 8 no longer play when Bluetooth is connected

    For unknown reason, Foobar2000 no longer auto start playing when Bluetooth is connected, but host is configured to automatically start playback and has been working all the way up to Android 7.x
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    Re: How Do I Play A Folder ...

    you can't add a folder to playlist or create playlist if a folder doesn't have at least one playable file right under it even if its subfolders have playable files

    I have been wanting a play by...
  17. Re: [Android] playlist position highlight and current song when playback is stopped

    I see this has been added in the latest update. Thanks
  18. [Android] how do I use Play Location's Play to play folder

    I was wondering how to use Play button at Play Location. I thought that would let me play song in a folder and all of its subfolders, but it looks like I can't select a folder to play. long tap on a...
  19. [Android] playlist position highlight and current song when playback is stopped

    when foobar is stopped. the now playing doesn't show which song will be played if you tap play. swipe to playlist also doesn't highlight the current playback position. is it possible to display the...
  20. [Android] playlist position lost after update

    foobar2000 always exits or terminates when being updated and I always have to manually start foobar2000 after the update.

    one issue during this process is that all configurations seems to stayed...
  21. [Android] Bluetooth control does nothing at the end of playlist

    when the last song of a playlist finished playing, but playlist is not in repeating mode. hitting play from bluetooth connected car radio system or pc doesn't do anything. take out the phone and...
  22. [Android] Foobar2000 fight with phone calls

    when I started a phone call before connecting to Bluetooth, every things is fine. However, once Bluetooth is connected. Foobar constantly try to play song. it will keep doing play and pause to...
  23. [Android] latest update no longer send playback time or total duration over bluetooth

    I noticed that after the update last week when foobar reports intend to be music player in Android, playback through bluetooth no longer display current play time over total music duration any more,...
  24. Re: [Android] a couple issues with Bluetooth and wired earphones

    *2 was seen when playing over bluetooth on car system with metadata (title, artist, album...etc) display on a screen. I was fiddling with foobar to see why foobar doesn't start playing music when...
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    Re: Default music player

    I think we may have a solution here as this was one of the issue mentioned
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