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    Re: Playing songs by folder

    That's a good start for the thinking process :-)
    "Of course, how to sort these items?"

    User defined:
    File property based: chronological, alphabetical, shuffled, etc...
    Tag Based: Artist,...
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    Playing songs by folder

    Am I crazy or my wish got deleted? (I guess providing a competing product as an example was not a great idea)

    I organize my music by folders/genre/artist/albums/*.mp3, *.flac, etc...

    I couldn't...
  3. Re: Android public version: How do you play a folder (containing folders)?

    Try Google play "foobar2000" :p
  4. Re: Respect the user's own file system folder structure (if he wants to)

    Yes but how do you play a folder containing more folders without "browsing" down to the level where the music is?
  5. Re: Font sizes, Album cover from folder file, Folder view

    +1 for recursive folder search/play - la "Folder Player"
  6. Android public version: How do you play a folder (containing folders)?


    I organize my music by folders genres/artists/albums/file.mp3;files.flac;etc...

    How can I play eg genre?

    I hoping for a PLAY function that will recursively search the folder and play...
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