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  1. Re: Please, for the love of God, improve playlists management

    Yeah I totally agree with this. The lack of playlist support is actually very frustrating. I hate to complain but this seems like quite basic functionality. I spent hours making a playlist, then when...
  2. Storing playlists in an easily accessible location


    I've spent several hours making playlists on mobile, because it's not possible to transfer playlists between PC and mobile. I switched SD cards and now all my playlists are gone. This is very...
  3. Re: [Android] Where are playlist files stored?

    Still hoping for an answer.
  4. Re: [Android] Where are playlist files stored?

    Would love to learn this too. Been trying many things but to no avail.
  5. Where are playlists stored on the Android version?


    I've made playlists on the Android version and would like to export these to PC. I've been searching all storage on my phone for filenames with *.fpl, *.m3u and *playlist* and of course the...
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    Re: Playlist folder

    To export from PC to your phone: You right-click on the playlist name and choose 'save as'. Then you choose a filename and location to save. Then you copy that file to your Android; I believe you...
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    Re: Windows 10 Mobile Help

    I doubt it; the GUI on the PC is made with mouse+keyboard in mind, not a touchscreen. So if the GUI was the same on mobile, you would not be able to use it properly anyway, right?

    I'm not sure if...
  8. Re: GUIDE: Transfer music to foobar2000 mobile over wi-fi

    Foobar2000. But I got it fixed!
  9. Re: GUIDE: Transfer music to foobar2000 mobile over wi-fi

    Hi, my Foobar Mobile is not detecting my upnp server. Any ideas on what might be the problem? Running the latest versions on Windows 10 and Windows Phone 8.1.
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