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  1. foobar2000 updated to v1.1.33 on Android 8


    Version updated to 1.1.33 via Google Play Store.

    Samsung Galaxy S8 running Android 8

    This update corrected the problem with viewing only a limited number of folders on my network drive....
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    recent changes to foobar2000 mobile

    Problems occurring after the recent update to the android version of foobar2000:

    1. Not seeing all the folders on my media server. I used to be able to see all the folders, now I'm only able to...
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    Folders and Playlists

    Is there a way to play folders in internal storage so that at the end of Folder A automatically plays Folder B, and so on and so forth?

    I have found a workaround by creating a playlist, adding...
  4. Re: foobar2000 music folder - delete sub-folders within

    Nobody has an answer?

  5. foobar2000 music folder - delete sub-folders within

    This is the default save music folder immediately preceding "Music on Internal Storage" folder when browsing in foobar2000 app on my Galaxy S7.
    I downloaded some music folders into the "foobar2000...
  6. Can't see full contents of a folder on UPnP server

    I have a Samsung Galaxy S7 running Android M.

    My server is Western Digital WD My Cloud EX2 8GB.

    I can transfer files wirelessly and the transfer speed is very fast, so I'm quite happy about...
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    play each folder successively

    I have a Galaxy s7 running Android marshmallow.
    I've copied several folders (each containing one album) into the internal memory of the phone.

    I can play each folder individually and repeat play...
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