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  1. Files app integration on iOS for importing files

    The ability to add/edit/move files via the Files application would great. A number of apps have their documents folder viewable/editable in the Files app (ie 1Writer) which is pretty slick....
  2. Display chapterized M4A file with appropriate track/chapter titles

    I've noticed that chapterized M4A files show the "tracks" as simply the track title with the corresponding track number instead of what the chapter title really is. It would be great if the chapter...
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    Import file from another app

    Often I have downloaded a new audio file off the web or transferred from my computer and would like it accessible through a music player. Would be great if files could be shared with the Documents...
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    Chapterized M4A file chapter listings

    Current behavior (from what I can tell) of a chapterized M4A file is to simply show the track's title with numbered tracks instead of the name of the chapter point. It would be great if the listing...
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