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  1. Does Foobar2000 Mobile take advantage of higher end DACs?

    I have an Android-based DAP, the FiiO X7 II. Is Foobar2000 Mobile capable of using the DAC to play 192KHz and other sample rates natively? Or are all files converted to play at 44.1/48Khz?
  2. [Android]OpenSL unable to play 192KHz 24-bit

    As title suggests. I'm not sure if it's affecting a particular device, but I've noticed Poweramp's Alpha build can play the file when using OpenSL. The error says: "Critical Playback Error: OpenSL...
  3. Re: Genre selection, play all and shuffle all options

    This would be a greatly appreciated feature, especially for songs with multiple genres. They show up in each genre category but playing using genre through the context menu only uses the first genre.
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