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Thread: Android version feedback

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    Re: Android version feedback

    Quote Originally Posted by Azsendi View Post
    Apparently, if you go to Shuffle All Tracks, then click Music on Internal Storage, and back to Shuffle All Tracks, the music gets shuffled. So that's a temp. workaround to that problem.
    Hi, did you update foobar2000 to the latest version (1.0.11 beta)?
    Quote Originally Posted by Peter View Post
    Version 1.0.11 for all platforms coming up.

    New folder icons in browse view.
    Fixed shuffle albums vs shuffle tracks reusing each other's playlist instead of creating new ones.
    Made re-opening a shuffle view actually re-shuffle tracks (but not when restarting app / restoring previous view).
    Bug-fixed image downscaling code, various visual glitches in skined playback view should be gone.
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    Re: Android version feedback

    Quote Originally Posted by Seymour View Post
    Hi, did you update foobar2000 to the latest version (1.0.11 beta)?
    Nope. I am still on Version 1.0.8, but I'm going to update it now.

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    Re: Android version feedback

    Hmmn, there shpuld be a feature where you could just play that one song and end, loop the song, and loop the album (with or without) shuffle. I feel like that would be useful as the player just has play/pause, and prev/next track buttons.

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    Re: Android version feedback

    Not sure where else to put this, but as a beta android supporter, are there any plans for a customizable library browser like with foobar2000 on the PC? (I'm referring to the media library -> album list option available on PC)

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    Re: Android version feedback

    Tried on HTC M8 (6.0) and Hudl2 (5.1). Works well - no issues with playback, control or navigation. Playing gapless mp3 files from SD card with replay gain info works as expected.
    The library presentation and management is perfect for me. The customisation options are just right. I can't think of anything missing. I tried the DSP options which were interesting, but I only use the replay gain one. Skip Silence would be the one with most interest to me.
    The navigation to/from the playback control page is not ideal, needing to go through the settings or navigating the library to return is a bit cumbersome. Menu pulldown swipe is really handy. The album cover swipe return to the previous item is a bit redundant as the return button is on the same screen and does the same job. Could a swipe up or down act as previous or next album?
    UPnP operation is simple and reliable. Very fast response and navigation.
    The only minor issues I've noticed is that the library update and tracking when files change is unpredictable (does foobar need to be running or not?) and slight errors in library covers presented on Album Artist / Album view. Please note, these are very minor and don't detract from the program's operation.
    Excellent work. Well done.
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    Re: Android version feedback

    Do you still need Alpha testers?

    I work as a software tester and I'm a long time foobar user. I'd be happy to muck in. I can test on a z5 compact and a Kindle Fire


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    Re: Android version feedback

    can i join test ? been looking to use this player since a long time

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    Re: Android version feedback

    The Android version will be available for open beta soon, watch this space.

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    Re: Android version feedback


    I just grabbed the preview from the Store. There's a repeatable crash:
    Install on Nexus 7 (Android 6.01, not rooted)
    Open a UPnP server (minidlna in this case)
    Select Genre
    Select an album
    Go into tools
    Select context menu

    "Unfortunately, foobar2000 has stopped working."

    The only setting I'd changed was ReplayGain to use Gain + peak.
    I've done a report with the logs.
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    Re: Android version feedback

    Ignoring the above and just getting on and playing, I got reasonably good performance - I've not done a like for like comparison yet, so I'm not going to be concerned over the couple of glitches I got, could have been network related as it was all UPnP over wifi. I'd would like more UPnP features in the basic player (play count for UPnP files, local indexing of UPnP files, sort by tags for UPnP files, etc), though. I'd then love to have Album List / Library Viewer Selection, which is how I most use the desktop version (and I'd be happy for that to be a premium feature).

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