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Thread: Android version feedback

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    Re: Android version feedback (Alpha 3)

    hello developers

    I have just installed the foobar 2000 mobile on my smartphone LG G pro (android 4.4.2), and tried to set the resampler rate to 88.2kHz and 96kHz. However, no sound at all. I have tried all other resampler rates 48kHz and below and all works perfectly.

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    Re: Android version feedback (Alpha 3)

    Created a skin based on spoon's and the fbskin file is recognized and loaded.
    When trying to play a song though ,the app crashes on the "Loading skin".

    Uploaded the skin here.

    Tested on two different android phones.
    Using latest Skin Designer.

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    Re: Android version feedback (Alpha 3)

    Version 1.0.20 lite ARM 32bit.

    Used it this afternoon as my player and overall it works well.

    I also found a way to get random tracks of a genre by loading a track of that genre, and then going to the "..." button and select "more from genre". Then, on that screen one can select random tracks and "voilą", random tracks from a genre playing nicely.

    As from things that could be improved:
    - When using the "shuffle tracks" option, only the title of the track is shown. Artist is missing. "All tracks" or "shufle albums" show both title and artist.
    - The entry "bits" only shows lossless tracks. (concretely, a lonely wav file that i have in there).
    - The problem i reported earlier where one cannot select tracks that don't belong to an albun in the genre list. I wonder if there should exist an "Unknown album" entry or something...
    - Since I have many single files, I have several folders for genres where i put all the tracks. Back in the day, Windows Media player added artwork for some of them with the typical folder.jpg and those albumArt files. Due to this, many files appear with the wrong images (this is to be expected and is not a fault of foobar), but foobar2000 mobile, when it has artwork, only shows the artwork and not the name, so sometimes I have to enter into each entry to find out what album is that one supposed to be. Right now my (logical) option is to delete these useless images, but i didn't have the need until now.

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    Re: Android version feedback (Alpha 3)

    Version 1.0.20 lite ARM 32bit, installed on Moto G (XT1045), android v4.4.4.

    Crash report : Start any music playback->Tools->Context menu:last active view->Crash. Happens every time.

    Bug: For Tools-> Replaygain Use->Source mode: "Track" (of None/Track/Album) is always displayed as selected (checkmark) when entering the deepest submenu, regardless of which option is indicated as active by the blue text on the next level up. The Processing submenu, by comparison, behaves as expected.

    Performance issue: Start playback->Pause playback->Multitask to an app that uses sufficient memory (e.g. open a few tabs in a browser)-> The fb2k persistent notification becomes inert; the playback control and close buttons do not function, the notification cannot be swiped away. Re-launching the app resumes normal behavior. If multitasking uses sufficient memory while music playback is active, the app will be more thoroughly killed, playback stops and the notification auto-closes.

    That last one is probably not something the app can address; it's been standard behavior on this device for background activities during multitasking. It's my understanding that the same model saw improvements to this on android 5.1, but apparently I picked the one carrier that was going to prevent software updates from ever happening (in my defense it was like, a crazy good deal at the time but, lesson learned). Just thought I'd report it in case there's any sort of super-high priority the app can declare to the memory management that might make it play nicer on low-ram devices.

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    Re: Android version feedback (Alpha 3)

    I'm liking it! very fast. I'd love repeat and Shuffle buttons along with the forward and back though, and does anyone know if and how to add DSP's? (like the components on the Windows version eg: "Center cut".)

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    Re: Android version feedback

    Show non-audio files in folders Clear&*65292;open xxx.url,boooooom-.-

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    Re: Android version feedback

    How long should "Looking for skins" take for user skins? Any chance of some form of progress display?

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    Re: Android version feedback

    Sound is very quiet, like at max volume it's about the same volume as when I have Android Winamp on half volume.

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    Re: Android version feedback

    Really liking the Android version so far. I was pleasantly surprised when I realized the video game formats were playing properly out of the box (they aren't listed on the Android page with the other formats) and I didn't have to screw around with plugins. My main complaints at the moment are that the "now playing" screen is a bit lacking (I'd like to see the ability to display the filetype and possibly other information in the future) and the fact that the album browser is breaking up albums by artist for some odd reason. For example, if there are tracks by two different artists in an album it'll show the the album cover twice and have the songs by each artist separate with no way of knowing which tracks are where until you check them all. It's extremely annoying for albums that have many different artists since you need to go hunting around through several identical icons to find the tracks you want.

    Anyway, glad to see this finally materialized; Android's been in need of a good free music player.

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    Re: Android version feedback (Alpha 3)

    I have closed this thread as too many issues are being posted to it, please if you have an issue create a new thread (for each issue) in the support forum.

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