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    Re: Android version feedback

    Quote Originally Posted by Azsendi View Post
    Apparently, if you go to Shuffle All Tracks, then click Music on Internal Storage, and back to Shuffle All Tracks, the music gets shuffled. So that's a temp. workaround to that problem.
    Hi, did you update foobar2000 to the latest version (1.0.11 beta)?
    Quote Originally Posted by Peter View Post
    Version 1.0.11 for all platforms coming up.

    New folder icons in browse view.
    Fixed shuffle albums vs shuffle tracks reusing each other's playlist instead of creating new ones.
    Made re-opening a shuffle view actually re-shuffle tracks (but not when restarting app / restoring previous view).
    Bug-fixed image downscaling code, various visual glitches in skined playback view should be gone.
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