Hi there,

I am surprised as I cant use FTP to connect to/from foobar2000 mobile app (beta 1.1.10 on Android 7.0 Galaxy A3 2017).

* From foobar2000 mobile app to my NAS
I entered the address as ftp://userassword@hostort, but I get following error:
cannot be accessed, reason:
FTP: 503, bad sequence of command

However, using another FTP client app (ES explorer), everything works fine.

* From my Linux PC (Debian 9.4 amd64) to foobar200 mobile (FTP server on):
If run from a terminal:
I get:
ftp: IP_ADDRESS:PORT: Name or service not known

Are there still some bugs with FTP server/client in Android version?
Does anybody succeed with such tasks?

Thank you