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Thread: Request: change interaction between browsers lists, playlists and playback

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    Request: change interaction between browsers lists, playlists and playback

    We all know from foobar2000 on desktop: library viewers are the place from which we add or send tracks to playlists and playlists in turn are the place where these tracks are played. In foobar2000 mobile however you can start playback inside of the browsers lists WITHOUT sending tracks to playlists and alternatively you also can send tracks from the browser to a playlist.

    That leads me to following
    a) A CLICK on a track doesn't start playback inside of browser page BUT sends the tracks to a dedicated playlist (let's call it "browser", "library" or whatever you like) and starts playback (beginning with clicked track) inside of that special playlist.
    b) From each node of the browsers hierarchy playback could be started by button or context menu. That means: also a genre node or an year node is playable because it is sended to that dedicated playlist. Since the content of a node is sended to a playlist its content is viewable as a list of tracks that can be edited if desired.

    To sum up: clicking a track in browser page OR using "play"-command from a browser-nodes context menu OR using a "play"-button related to a list of nodes in browser does the same: it sends the content to a dedicated playlist and starts playback.


    • Different to the tracklists on browser pages a playlist (which is currently a part of the browser page) is editable: you can remove and resort tracks - also you can add more tracks by context menu.
    • From EACH node in the browser hierarchy we could start playback. Currently it is not easy to start playback of f.e. a node "alternative rock": that node is not a list of tracks, so you cannot start playback inside of the browser - you even cannot go the inconvenient way of using context menu and sending it to a playlist because the app simply doesn't offer even that feature.
    • That behaviour meets the expectations of most users.
    • That behaviour matches exactly the concept of foobar2000s desktop version.

    Further possibilities
    Once this behaviour is implemented you get the chance for further improvements in user experience or features (regard following list as requests):
    • The playing playlist should be reachable from inside of the playback page. The large majority of all music apps offer that somehow self-evident feature: either by a swiping gesture or by button/icon. (take a look f.e. in apple music for android or shuttle player for android)
    • Not only the playing playlist should be reachable from the playback page. I believe that also the whole playlist menu should be ideally integrated in the playback page rather than the browse page. Just imagine how good that could look like on a ui which is optimized for tablets!
    • The future paid premium version of foobar2000 mobile should offer the feature of nesting playlists in folders.
    • There are still more features and improvements i can see/imagine but it would be too much to list them up here.

    All that changes and fullfilled requests especially the integration of playlists menu inside of playback page would lead to an unique concept and would increase the importance of the playback page.

    I collected some good reasons to argument for a changing of current playback behaviour. At the same time i found no good reason to keep the current behaviour. Do you know one?
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