Automatically add transferred playlists to 'Playlists'

Transferred playlists do not automatically appear under 'Browse' > 'Playlists' when transferred via the built-in ftp server.

Expected Behavior:
When I copy a playlist with relative references to music in the 'foobar2000 music folder' I expect foobar2000 to notice these during it's scan and add them automatically to the 'Playlists' screen (under 'Browse'). I do *not* expect to have to manually recreate them by one at a time.

Transferred playlists appear as 'Audio Files' when manually navigating the foobar2000 music folder. In the context of a directory view I would expect them to be here - but that's not what I want. I want a playlist view of my music library. Why do I need to switch to a directory view to get that? It's great that it's there but frankly, it's annoying. It would be a *lot* more intuitive to have the transferred playlists additionally appear under 'Browse' > 'Playlists'. Every single person that I have asked expects that behavior.

If I've read correctly I understand that 'Browse' > 'Playlists' shows:

- manually created playlists (created by tapping the '+' at the top of the 'Playlists' screen)
- playlists transferred via iTunes to the 'Documents' folder (from the wiki below)
- possibly playlists from the Music app?

iOS version will show Documents / Playlists folder if present, no need for configuration, just create a "Playlists" folder under app's documents using iTunes.
I don't use iTunes. Isn't the 'foobar2000 music folder' an alias to 'Documents'? When I delete a song (transferred via FTP) and then play a playlist that contained I receive an error message that references 'Documents' (and not 'foobar2000 music folder'). This message seems to indicate that they may be one and the same. However, when I tried to create a 'Playlists' folder under the 'foobar2000 music folder' (via FTP) and transferred my m3u files there (modifying the paths to be root relative) I still did not see any of my playlists under 'Browse' > 'Playlists'.

If there somewhere under 'foobar2000 music folder' that we should be copying the playlists to so that they automatically appear under 'Browse' > 'Playlists'?

If there isn't could this feature please be added? If this feature wasn't added because of issues with similarly named playlists in different locations then wouldn't appending the location after the name solve it? Something like:

  • My great playlist
  • My great playlist [Documents]
  • My great playlist [foobar2000 music folder]