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Thread: Image caching problem - low scrolling performance

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    Image caching problem - low scrolling performance

    Since at least v 1.1.10 I am observing very low performance of scrolling through music library. It is seriously dodgy. The problem is definitely related to image caching - it gets better, when you scroll through whole library ca 3 times and all images are loaded but it takes serious time... Phone restart or stopping foobar from Settings app causes that problem comes back. Also removing SD card (where all my music is located - ca 500 tracks) and connecting phone to PC causes that problem comes back and is even more pronounced than after phone restart.

    Phone: D6633, Android 6.0.1 (over 2 years without update, even security patches - don't buy Sony)
    Foobar 1.1.13 ARM 32bit

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    Re: Image caching problem - low scrolling performance

    I've made further observations. It is enough to not use foobar (not play music while app is running) for problem to arise. I scrolled my entire library, images have been loaded. I listened music, changed tracks, everything was fine. I unplugged earphones and left phone on the desk. When I took the phone after few hours and went back from playback view to library view images had to be loaded again.
    Looks like image cache is unnecessarily flushed after some idling time.

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