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Thread: FTP Server doesn't work on iOS 11.3.1

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    Question FTP Server doesn't work on iOS 11.3.1

    I have an iPhone 8 Plus with iOS 11.3.1 and foobar2000 1.0.94 installed
    When I switch the "Server running" button on, I can't connect ftp server.
    Then I telnet iPhone 's port 21, console just says "connect failed on port 21", seems like ftp server not running at all !
    I can ping the iPhone's IP from my Windows PC and iPhone response correctly.

    I tried resinstall foobar2000 mobile and reboot my iPhone, but no luck.
    Is foobar2000 mobile not compatible with iPhone 8 or something else ?
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    Re: FTP Server doesn't work on iOS 11.3.1

    I've figured it out myself. it's nothing to do with iOS version or iPhone hardware. It's just because foobar2000 mobile not allowed to use data by iOS.
    iOS will never ask user if foobar2000 mobile allowed to use data until foobar2000 mobile attempt access data from network.
    I add a Media Server and try to connect it, iOS prompt me about data use, after allowed it, FTP Server can be connected.

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