I switched over to this app after using Vox for a time, right up until they disabled the option to use improved resampler/dither settings without a subscription.

I don't know what resampler is used with the mobile Foobar. I have used SoX with reasonably good results. I'm sure that iZotope's algorithms are a no-go due to licensing, but is it possible to use SoX (if not being used already) for the resampling duties?

Also, do effects like ReplayGain get applied at a 32-bit float level prior to dither, or is it done a different way? I suspect that doing all doing all effects, including volume alteration, before a nice noise-shaped dither would drastically improve sound quality. Foobar definitely sounds good, but sad to say Vox does sound better... when you can use maximum quality settings.

Is there even any way to improve the quality of the resampler and/or dither algorithm for when batter life is less of a concern?